Worlds Edgiest Hotel: Prism-Like Sleeping Capsules Suspended above Sacred Valley of Peru

Precariously located on the side of a Peruvian mountain of Cuzco is The Natura Vive’s Skylodge Peru- a spectacular and breathtaking glass hotel, built to give guests an enthralling experience

Would you like to sleep in a transparent pod hanging from a cliff in Peru's sacred valley?

Precariously located on the side of a Peruvian mountain of Cuzco is The Natura Vive’s Skylodge Peru- a spectacular and breathtaking glass hotel, built to give guests an enthralling experience. However, you need to be brave enough to stay here, as these crystalline cabins are accessible only after climbing up around 1,300 feet of the rock face via a laddered ferrata trail or hike with the assistance of zip-line network.

And for the bravest people, there is also an open-air seating area on top of each capsule.

Natura Vive’s Skylodge Peru

There are total three pods with a total capacity of eight people. Once you plan to spend your night in this lodge, you are treated to the stunning panoramic views of the dangerous valley below and the surrounding Milky Way during the night.

Skylodge Peru Construction

These pods are constructed from aerospace aluminium and weather resistant polycarbonate so that they can easily handle strong winds and ensure guests’ safety.

Natura Vive’s Skylodge Peru

The brainchild of adventure company Natura Vive, this space measures 24 by 8 feet containing a dining area, four beds, solar-power lighting and a private bathroom, which are separated from the other areas by an insulated wall. The bed also has down pillows, cotton sheets and quilts so that you can enjoy pleasant sleep or stargazing. And there are curtains if you need some privacy from the curious gaze of your surrounding neighbours.

Natura Vive’s Skylodge Peru

Each module has four ventilation ducts and six windows that allow a comfortable atmosphere. Also, there is another lighting system consists of four interior lamps, all powered by solar panels. Also, there is a solar reading lamp for each bed.

Skylodge Peru Construction

Though this place is not 5-star luxury, people will still take pleasure in a very comfy overnight stay here. It feels exhilarating to visit the world’s edgiest and only hanging hotel. Prices to have an unusual trip to this lodge starts from around US $289 or 919 Peruvian SoI per night. It also includes transportation to and from Cusco City along with a fantastic night in a suite. In the package, the guest will also get breakfast and a 'gourmet' dinner with a bottle of wine.

If you are one of those who doesn’t want to stay at night there, you can enjoy the lunch, feasting your eyes on the valley at a lesser price of $237 /770 Peruvian SoI per person.

Skylodge Peru

Images Courtesy: Natura Vive

No doubt taking an adventurous trip to this Sacred Valley from such an edge would be a unique experience.

Take a Breathtaking look of the Skylodge Peru

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