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The Latest Countertop and Surface Material- Pyrolithic Stone

Geoluxe offers a breakthrough in the material industry with Pyrolithic Stone™, combining the noble beauty of natural marble with superior technical performance.

Geoluxe offers a breakthrough in the material industry with Pyrolithic Stone™, combining the noble beauty of natural marble with superior technical performance. It’s a complex mixture of 100% mineral-based materials formed through patented GeoMimicry™ technology, the slabs reveal realistic marble-like veins throughout. GEOLUXE® overcomes the imperfections of natural marble and other manufactured surfaces, offering the ultimate combination of elegance and performance.

Geoluxe Pyrolithic Stone

The product has been designed to resist stains, chemicals, scratches, heat and frost, which allows for easy maintenance and a high level of durability for both indoor and outdoor use. Pyrolithic Stone comes in seven different styles, including Bluette, which features a combination of grey and blue veins resembling Italian dolomite marble, and Eramo.

The concept of Pyrolithic Stone is a combination of three words: Pyro, a mineralogy term denoting a mineral that is formed or affected by heat; Litho, Greek for of or relating to stone; and Stone, a material inspired from marble, resembling the beauty of natural stone.

Geoluxe  material industry with Pyrolithic Stone

GEOLUXE® is the perfect application for countertops and surface covering. It is the ideal choice to transform your worktop, indoor and outdoor space into a unique space.

“To increase the GRANDNESS of EXISTING narrow house with multiple columns in between and break the monotonic look, selection of materials is a really big challenge. For neat and clean wall surface we covered maximum wall in water base “UNIGLOSS“ semi-gloss wall paint instead of wall panelling.

For 99% seamless flooring, we selected 1200x3000 size “Kalinga Stone” Floor + one wall in full height leather finish Granite and rest again in full height Kalinga stone gave the wide & grand look of the Toilets.” Ar Sunil M Deshpande

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