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The Invisible Drainage System

Choosing the right drain system during bathroom renovation is very important. Easy Sanitary Solutions offers a drainage system which claims to be worlds flattest shower drains

Choosing the right drain system during bathroom renovation is very important. Easy Sanitary Solutions offers a drainage system which claims to be “world’s flattest shower drains”.

This new invention of world’s flattest shower drain is a boon as it fits in virtually any bathroom.

Easy Drain Compact

Easy Drain Compact

With the Easy Drain Compact you can choose the flattest linear shower drain in the world. The Compact starts at an installation depth of only 63 mm, which makes it the “problem solver” for renovation projects. This shower drain contains a removable and easy-to-clean water seal with excellent drainage capacity.

Aqua Jewels Delta

Aqua Jewels Delta

Add a Jewel to your bathroom with Easy Drain Aqua Jewels; the world’s most advanced shower drain. The Delta comes with the revolutionary TAF-system and WPS. The height adjustable grate support frame and pre-assembled sealing membrane ensure a seamless and watertight connection with bathroom floor. It comes with a installation depth of 90 mm.

Easy Drain Aqua Brilliant

Easy Drain Aqua Brilliant

Aqua Brilliant is the extremely flat shower drain with premium technology. Aqua Brilliant is supplied with patented Water Protection System and has a variable connection for horizontal or vertical installation. With an installation depth starting from 75 mm and 50 mm adjustable water seal, Aqua Brilliant is the ideal solution for renovation projects.

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