9 Trends in Organized Kitchen Cabinetry for 2019

To simplify lives, today’s homeowners are inclined to making their living space an oasis of tranquillity and a relaxing stopover between different destinations.

Convenience, Simplicity and Better Functionality Continue to Trend

To simplify lives, today’s homeowners are inclined to making their living space an oasis of tranquillity and a relaxing stopover between different destinations. They are especially emphasizing on streamlined functionality, convenience and comfort at home. While simple designs and hidden amenities will trend this time, some homeowners will also look to incorporate technology-enabled items to their space.
Have a look at the major trends that will dominate woodworking and cabinetry design in 2019

Built in Trash Containers

Woodworking and Cabinetry Design-Built in Trash Containers

Built-in Trash Containers by Household Essentials

Nobody wants to stumble on a trash container while entering the kitchen. To solve this problem, the Household Essentials have come up with built-in sliding trash cans that can fit perfectly inside in the limited spaces of your cabinet. The trash containers look great in any kitchen with a covered lid. These are made of commercial grade, durable, chrome wire, so it is strong enough for daily use.

Not-So-Lazy Susan Organizer

Woodworking and Cabinetry Design-Not-So-Lazy Susan Organizer

Glideware’s Not-So-Lazy Susan Organizer

Glideware Not-So-Lazy Susan is the latest in the trend. The company which provides top kitchen cabinet solutions has come up with its newest Not-So-Lazy Susan product, which helps in upgrading corner cabinet. It allows homeowners to easily store all the cookware and dishes in an organized way. 

Sensor-Controlled Toe-Kick Light

Sensor-Controlled Toe-Kick Light

What’s on the inside is as important as what lies on the outside. Sensor-controlled Toe-kick light is a wonderful orientation light for living area that helps in hands-free opening of cabinets. It is a sort of LED light, which switches on when there is no or dim light or any motion is detected. Taking inspiration from nature, Häfele brings to you its range of Multi-white and RGB Flexible LED Strip Lights. Designed with modularity in concept, includes a groove to include LED strip lights which help illuminate the insides of the cabinet with indicative and directional lighting.

RGB Flexible LED Strip Lights by Häfele

Multi-white and RGB Flexible LED Strip Lights by Häfele

These lights can be combined with drivers and sensors so that every time the shutter opens, the lights inside switches on. There are several other applications of technology focused on lighting. The change in the colour of shelving and drawer lighting with the help of the apps integrated to Smartphone as per the predefined choices. Also, many lighting solutions are manufactured in a range of hues from low, medium and high LED colour temperatures. 

Pull-out Counter Tops

Pull-out Counter Tops

Adjustable Pull-Out Countertops by Team 7

Team 7 has presented a range of adjustable pull-out countertops that allow you to create as much as or as little space as per your requirements. Besides, there are a variety of pull-out countertops that can be used to the store-away dinner table or to fold clothes.

A Rollout Drawer

A Rollout Drawer

Bottle Pull Out by Ozone Overseas Pvt Ltd

It is a perfect example of vertical storage that helps in saving space while being functional. You can use to keep spices or cleaning products. Though, ensure that you display it beautifully by enhancing the front of the drawer. You can use contrasting colour or material to show the variation.

Sink Tip-out Trays

Sink Tip-out Trays

Stainless Steel Sink Tip-out Trays by Richelieu Hardware

Richelieu Hardware has brought high-impact stainless steel sink tip-out trays, which contain an accessory tray to hold dish brushes, sponges and soap organizer. It helps to keep sink products out of sight, yet within easy reach. 

Pull-out Pantries

Pull-out Pantries

Blum Thin Fronts by Häfele (Left) | Häfele- Pull-out Pantry ( Right)

Häfele- India, the manufacturer of Hardware and fittings comes up with the pull out pantry that can swing left or right and allows for easy front access of stored items. Häfele in partnership with Blum, also offers for the very first time, a single fixing system which can enable wall cabinets, doors and pull-outs to have extremely thin fronts – Expando T.

Smart Mirrors

Innovative touch screen smart mirrors assure to change the way you visit your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in the living spaces. Delhi-based startup Help Me Build Technologies Pvt Ltd has come up with technology-enabled mirror- Nuovo, which can help you book a cab or navigate a map or check the notifications in your social media with just a simple touch and Wi-Fi connectivity. Toshiba has also launched an innovative smart mirror.

Smart Mirrors

Aquasys Light Mirror by Häfele

The mirror showcases the weather alongside data from attached devices such as personal fitness monitor in your bathroom. While, in the kitchen, it will help you to find, adjust and prepare recipes. Smart mirrors auto sleep after a certain period of inactivity. They have a motion touch or sensor to auto-wake. Moreover, these can be paired with a camera. There are also available glass-enclosed closet drawers that glow by just touching with a palm. Aquasys Light Mirror by Häfele is also a versatile mirror that comes fully assembled and unites the functions of make-up lighting, room lighting, mood lighting, demister (prevents condensation on the mirror during and after a shower) and sound system in an elegant design.

Walnut Magnetic Knife Strip

Walnut Magnetic Knife Strip

Walnut 16” Magnetic Knife Strip by Woodson

If you have so many sizes of knives at home, you not need to concern anymore because Woodson has come up with a wonderful Walnut 16″ Magnetic Knife Strip. It can hold and adjust any type or size of the knife.

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