An Alumnus of IIM Calcutta Develops a Waterless Bath Technology for Indian Army and Navy

Bathing has always been a problematic thing for army personnel deployed at high altitudes of some 13 to 20 thousand feet in the Northern area of Himalayas.

Bathing has always been a problematic thing for army personnel deployed at high altitudes of some 13 to 20 thousand feet in the Northern area of Himalayas. Due to the extreme climate of such regions, soldiers even have to spend 90 days without bathing. And this results in fungal infections, battle infections when soldiers return home after their duty in such extreme conditions.

Indian Army bathing solution

To ease the conditions for bathing for these soldiers, Dr Puneet Gupta, an alumnus of IIM-Calcutta, along with a team of 20 IIT-Delhi students has developed a shampoo and a body wash, labelled Clentsa, which does not need water to rinse the body.

The best part is the Army Design Bureau (ADB) has accepted the product, and it will be soon dispatched to the Jawans positioned in the Indo-China border and Siachin. 


As per Puneet Gupta said "I cracked the SSB exam but could not join the service. Since then, I wanted to contribute to the country in whichever way possible."

These waterless hygiene bathing products are great for places where there is unavailability or scarcity of water. In addition to helping soldiers, these bathing products are fantastic for bed-ridden patients in hospitals.

Puneet Gupta, "The condition is worse in hospitals, often unknowingly contaminated water is used to clean patients. The product can not only save water but also remove the task of water testing and maintaining."

waterless bath technology

It is said that the innovative waterless technology developed by Dr Puneet Gupta is capable of removing odour, dust, dirt, grease and oil from the head and skin.  The team of  Punit is also working on a waterless toothpaste, which will be safe to swallow and helps to keep dental hygiene without the need of water.

Also, to deal with the growing threat of malaria and dengue, Clensta is also planning to create a waterless shampoo bottle which will effectively repel mosquitoes. According to Puneet, unlike applying mosquito-repellent lotions and creams all over the body, using this product even to your head will protect your whole body against mosquito attack. 

Cost of Waterless Products

The pricing of the waterless body bath is Rs. 549/- and of shampoo is Rs. 499/-

To make it more affordable and increase its reach to every consumer, Puneet believes if these products are exempted from tax by the Government of India, anyone can be able to purchase it for Rs 350.


Talking about scaling up the reach and making it affordable, Puneet believes if the product is made tax-free by the Government of India, consumers will be able to buy it for Rs 350, excluding 28% GST.

Andaman Nicobar Government has already awarded a contract to Clensta. There is a fixed-pricing model through which healthcare centres across Andaman and Nicobar Islands can purchase their waterless bathing products without any tenders.

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