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Hand-Crafted Mesmerizing Designs Showcased at Salone Satellite 2018 by Architect Nimish

‘Salone Satellite 2018’, Milan witnessed mesmerizing designs crafted by designers from across the globe. ‘Nimish’ an Architect based in Mumbai displayed versatile projects at ‘Salone Satellite 2018’.

‘Salone Satellite 2018’, Milan witnessed mesmerizing designs crafted by designers from across the globe. ‘Nimish’ an Architect based in Mumbai displayed versatile projects at ‘Salone Satellite 2018’. Collaborating with local artisans to create contemporary designs & elegant forms using traditional hand crafting techniques is his USP.

The series of articles displayed at ‘Salone Satellite 2018’ were exclusively designed using the contemporary forms inspired & derived from nature which was further combined with the traditional techniques of handcrafting. Each piece is a sculpted art form which creates a dramatic play of light in surrounding.

The ‘Octruss’ table is derived from a structure of octahedron crystalline clusters, the prototypes are completely handcrafted, they can be mass produced with traditional techniques & tools.

Salone Satellite 2018 by Architect Nimish

Dimensions: 900 x 750 x 430 mm  |  Materials: Brass rods, Glass

Process: Brass rods welded in form of pyramidal crystal structure, along with the glass top

The Badam lamp, as the name suggests is inspired from the symmetrical form of an ‘almond’ which is aesthetically designed to reveal the warm aura.

Designs Showcased At Salone SatelliteDimensions: 100 x 80 x 700 mm

Materials: Copper sheet, light source CREE LED

Process: Hand forged copper sheet metal polished inside out

The Twin Nepenthes lamps are inspired from the natural functionality of carnivorous plant ‘Nepenthes’ & the same are recreated and modified to create interaction & play of light.

Hand-Crafted Mesmerizing Designs Showcased At Salone Satellite 2018 by Architect Nimish

Architect Namish with The Twin Nepenthes lamps (L) | The Badam lamp (R)

Dimensions: 450 x 300 x 650 mm

Materials: Brass sheet metal polished inside out

Process: Hand forged
brass sheet metal polished inside out

Hand craft and traditional techniques in the modern generation of industrialization is a stark step towards generating employment to craftsmen and artisans and preserve their skills for the future generation to take pride on.

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