8 Interesting Door Designs That Will Impress Your Visitors

No house can complete without doors. Door is a vital component of the house that plays a major role in indoor comfort, protection and energy efficiency.  And a superbly designed and functional front door adds elegance to the home

No house can complete without doors. Door is a vital component of the house that plays a major role in indoor comfort, protection and energy efficiency.  And a superbly designed and functional front door adds elegance to the home and expresses the personality of the home owner. Here, we are presenting 8 wonderful door designs that will give an impressive look to your home.

1. Peek-A-boo: Door by Solidor

Peek a boo

Inspired by the Italian passion for design and style, the Italia range from Solidor has 19 exclusive designs, available with solid, stainless steel designer accessories, as well as the option of handmade Warwick Glass.

With a solid timber core, Solidor doors are roughly 10 mm thicker than other doors. With 20 colours to choose from, and multiple styles and frames, there is a Solidor to suit every home!

2. Marvin Patio Doors

Marvin Patio Doors

Wooden patio doors are a great option where space is essential, providing a seamless transition between the inside and the outside. Marvin patio door has a narrower profile in order to provide a larger glass area – filling the room with natural light. The wide glass of this door appeals both, aesthetically and functionally while providing energy efficiency and security. The door can be combined with security multi-point locking systems. Marvin’s design team will support you in choosing the best options for your patio door, such as size, color, wood species, glazing and hardware.

Material Used: Wood, Glass

3. STILE: Doors from Häfele

Stile Doors from hafele

Stile offers your space a peaceful escape from the noise of the world with controllable acoustics. The strength and flexibility of the hardware is what holds it all together and makes any structure sustain.


Engineered for strength and stability the Stile Door Hardware Range by Häfele comprises of door fittings and door solutions that offer coordinated, attractive design options with impressive application versatility.

4. Geeta Doors & Windows: Sleek is IN!

Geeta Doors and Windows

Geeta Aluminium, a chain of Aluminium Window & Door Showrooms, presents a series of slim windows, with large openings and sleek designs which give uninterrupted view of the world outside. It not only provides one-touch smooth operation but should also add an elegant look to the aesthetics of your surroundings. Alongside aesthetics, slim series have properties that shut out disturbances like noise, dust, water thereby ensuring good functionality and making your house feel comfortable.

5. Knock It With

Italco - knock it with

Italco boasts variety of doors which are creatively designed using wide range of materials, right from solid wood, semi solid wood to veneer pressed and MDF painted customized as per one’s requirement and taste.

6. An Oriental Inspired Door Composed Of Fixed and Sliding Panels

an oriental inspired door

Koan combines the lightness of glass and metal with the warmth of wood, creating a perfect cohesion between technology and tradition. The combination of vertical slats, alternating at variable lengths, creates a pleasing pattern that highlights the value of the glazed panel even as it offers a scenic view of the space beyond the door.

7. Filo55: Door with wood jamb and trim

Filo55: Door with wood jamb and trim

With the frame and walls perfectly flush, the slim line blends with the purity of the surfaces. The reversed edge and the opening to the interior confer an stylish effect of continuity with the sides of the corridor. Available in the new elegant finishes, it is versatile and adapts to solid wall, plasterboard and moveable wall systems.

8. Matrix: The visible yet hidden door

Matrix: The visible yet hidden door

With its artfully designed veneer patterns, thick profile and a bookcase running the length and width of the door, the matrix is perfect for those who like their doors to be visible yet hidden. Blending seamlessly into the wall, the matrix uses veneers to create design patterns.

Matrix: The visible yet hidden door

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