Much Awaited WADe Asia 2018 Category Wise Winners Announced

WADe Asia one of the most momentous events in South Asia in the realm of architecture, arts, and designing recently rounded off with loads of flair, feminism, and fame.

WADe Asia 2018, one of the most momentous events in South Asia in the realm of architecture, arts, and designing recently rounded off with loads of flair, feminism, and fame. It was all about brimming smiles, refreshed relations, new associations and massive priceless networking among the veterans, the highfliers, and the emerging.

WADe Asia understands that it takes a lot of mettle to persistently immerse yourself in your craft to create stuff which surprises. Your workmanship made it look easy!

WADe Asia is proud of you! Congratulations!  More power to you.

We are excited to share the list of category wise winners of WADe Asia 2018:

Top WADe Award Winners (Through Nomination)

Namita SinghYasmeen LariRevathi KamathSonali RastogiAnnie Sinha RoyBandana Jain

WADe India Lifetime Achievement Award - Namita Singh

WADe Asia Lifetime Achievement AwardYasmeen Lari

WADe Sustainability Champion 2018 Revathi Kamath

WADe India Role Model 2018- Sonali Rastogi

WADe Woman Engineer  2018 - Annie Sinha Roy

Young WADe Sustainability 2018 - Bandana Jain

Category : (WADe Excellence) – Commercial

Revathy Raju RChiranjivi Lunkad

Jury Special Award - Revathy Raju R

Commendable - Chiranjivi Lunkad

Category: WADe Excellence - Educational

Aditi PaiJesal PathakMona Doctor Pingel

Winner - Aditi Pai*

Runner-Up - Jesal Pathak

Jury Special Recommendation Award - Mona Doctor Pingel

Category: WADe Excellence - Healthcare

Divya JyotiAnkita Sweety

Winner - Divya Jyoti

Commendable - Ankita Sweety

Category: WADe Excellence - Hospitality

Anchal ChaudharyBhavana Hameed

Winner - Anchal Chaudhary

Runner-Up - Bhavana Hameed

Category: WADe Excellence - Landscape

Amruta DaulatabadkarGayathri ShettyMona Doctor Pingel

Winner - Amruta Daulatabadkar*

Runner-Up - Gayathri Shetty

Runner-Up - Mona Doctor Pingel

Category: WADe Excellence - Public Building

Pankhuri GoelBhavana HameedAnita Dake

Winner - Pankhuri Goel

Runner-Up - Bhavana Hameed

Commendable - Anita Dake

Category: WADe Excellence - Retail

Pankhuri Goel

Winner - Pankhuri Goel

Category: WADe Excellence - Residential (Upto 3000 sq. ft.)

Amruta Daulatabadkar

Winner - Amruta Daulatabadkar

Category: WADe Excellence - Residential (Above 3000 sq. ft.)

Shana FathimaSwanzal Kak Kapoor

Winner - Shana Fathima

Runner-Up - Swanzal Kak Kapoor 

Category: YoungWADe Emerging – Architect

Jesal PathakDeval Shah

Best Architect Of The Year - Jesal Pathak

N' Architect Of The Year - Deval Shah

Category: YoungWADe Emerging - Interior Designer

Sarah ShamNavya Aggarwal

Best Interior Designer Of The Year - Sarah Sham

Most Innovative Interior Designer Of The Year - Navya Aggarwal

Category: WADe Artist –( Painting Young)

Sheetal ChitlangiyaBhartti VermaAnshumala MishraPoojan Gupta

Winner - Sheetal Chitlangiya

Runner-Up - Bhartti Verma

Commendable - Anshumala Mishra

Commendable - Poojan Gupta

Category: WADe Artist – (Painting Excellence)

Jasmine KaurSrishti Rana MenonNivedita PandeTaniya Chetan Vaidya

Winner - Jasmine Kaur*

Runner-Up - Srishti Rana Menon

Commendable - Nivedita Pande

Commendable - Taniya Chetan Vaidya

Category: WADe Artist – (Photography Amateur)

Greena Joy KallingalShikha PrasadStuti Kumari Student

Theme: Indigenous Art Of India

Winner - Greena Joy Kallingal

Runner-Up - Shikha Prasad

Commendable - Stuti Kumari 

Theme: Light & Shadow In Indian Architecture Or Interior

Vibhuti VermaAvitesh

Winner - Vibhuti Verma

Runner-Up - Avitesh 

Theme: Women Of India

Sonali ChaudhariNeha Nair

Winner - Sonali Chaudhari

Commendable - Neha Nair

Category: WADe Artist – (Photography Professional)

Vidhya ThiagarajanVandana Druva KumarDolly Kabaria

Theme: Indigenous Art Of India

Winner - Vidhya Thiagarajan

Runner-Up - Vandana Druva Kumar

Commendable - Dolly Kabaria

Theme: Light & Shadow In Indian Architecture Or Interior

Ira Gosalia

Winner - Ira Gosalia

Theme: Women Of India

Tania Chatterjee

Winner - Tania Chatterjee

Category: WADe (Best Use Of Color Architect)

Rujuta Mody

Winner - Rujuta Mody

Category: WADe Best Use Of Color (Interior Design)

Mitisha Vora Chiranjivi Lunkad

Winner - Mitisha Vora

Runner-Up - Chiranjivi Lunkad*

Category: WADe Student Project

Udiksha Nagaraj KapiniK B MamthaHumza Parvez

Winner - Udiksha Nagaraj Kapini

Runner-Up - K B Mamtha

Commendable - Huma Parvez

Note: Names marked in purple are the names of consecutive Award winners 2018 and 2017

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