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A Minimalist Approach by AR Associates

Less is More fixes the young and dynamic duo designers- Arun and Ritesh -who do not only practice dreams into reality but strives for the quality and the comfort of an individual and that’s where the perfection speaks for itself.

“Less is More” fixes the young and dynamic duo designers- Arun and Ritesh -who do not only practice dreams into reality but strives for the quality and the comfort of an individual and that’s where the perfection speaks for itself. Well, this office impacts the client with its minimalistic design and even represents the individual idea of how they are supposed to get the designs in their particular house, commercial etc.

Minimalism at Its Best yet Standing out the Glamour

The ideology behind this small cum spacious corner of the office is not being left behind when you can walk miles ahead!

AR Associates in Design

The Reception Area with a Black Human Body Popping Out of the Wall

The office lies in the historic Aurangabad’s suburb area Maharashtra which has its own locality known for offices, commercial as well as residential premises. The area of the office is 325 sq ft, which includes the Reception area, Waiting space, Main cabin, Staff space and the Toilet.

The minimal use of material and the exact balance of colour scheme go hand in hand.  The reception area is small but managed by a single chair along with the table equally balancing the writing pad and the handy laptop, well the pop up of teakwood strips ribs out and forecasts the boldness. Whereas the lamination of white colour equally adds to the beauty.

AR Associates in Design

The Waiting Room

Right at the left side is the Main storage rack handling the docs and the files being fitted by the niche to hang on the magazines or one may say the most used stuff therein. The back of the reception head is as glossy as the crystals flaming the fire!! While being the veneer covered and lapped by lamination along with the required switchboards right there, one will never be more mistaken to realize that there lies the door for the toilet which is equally being light and elegant.

From covering the ceiling to wrapping the ceiling in veneer and the amalgamation of black human body popping out of the wall takes the limelight which is being customized by the Main to forecast and invite the inviter to the womb as one sits right in front of the soul where the sofa is being kept. “We have never bounded to any boundaries apart from the space we are in, which makes it easier for us to get the most out of what think we are capable for ’’ says Arun and Ritesh.


The Toilet Space

Right on the other hand lies the most interesting  space which is as important as a jewel, gigs Ritesh, as that is the place where the working staff is supposed to sit which is kept vibrant with the yellow tint on the backboard of the colour to bound the team with ideas as well and being contrasted by the simple white lamination in paint , Though the space is been designed by the most favorite material of the designers that’s the teakwood being just delicately hanged by horizontal to vertical support which serves transparency as well as privacy.

Arun and Ritesh

Designers- Arun and Ritesh

Ahead lays the Diamond as we discuss the jewels!!! The owners cabin has that aura which surrounds one to the serenity of modern calmness which is bold by the edge but vibrant at the beginning, well now when we speak about the overlapping ceiling coming on wall forming that hanging “C” is being thought very carefully as there was the beam which has been hidden by the design again adding to the boldness as said earlier.


Main Cabin 

If you notice the storage which is being hanged from the floor so as to add the diffuse lighting making the cabin cosy where required as one says it, “Mood and the mind have to go well with each other.” In their case, a fizz is sufficient to boost their ideas! If you see them sit out being a niche in the storage adds to the extra space being utilized creatively!

The sitting is more like a lounge and that makes us feel more comfortable says the staff as well. Though the main cabin has the wooden binds, which when required turns out to be the best cosy space.

Project Details:

Project Name – AR Associates
Size – 325sq ft
Location – Aurangabad


From being the bench mates to best friend, coordinates, may it be college or presentations Arun and Ritesh have been for each other as a support as an idea booster and the stress buster. Their dedication and the supreme passion towards designing had made them achieve incredible design skills which are forecasted in a number of projects.

Both being graduated from Sinhgad College, Pune campus in the year 2008 and further gradually completed the establishment of their firm by the respective initially architect associates in the year 2010 and today they have their three offices residing in Pune, Aurangabad and Sangamner along with 12 young designers team. They have completed till date hundred plus projects, including residential along with commercial projects etc.

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