Keep your Bathroom Warm, Damp Free and Less Humid

VETROMODA DEVA recently launched 100% Italian, one of its kind & first time in India. A dual function towel warmer & heat radiator. Ideal for installation in damp places.

Is an unsightly cloud of black spots manifesting itself around your bathroom windows or ceiling? Has your wallpaper begun to peel, wilting as though it has lost the will to live? It may be that brownish or yellowish stains are growing above your skirting board? If any of this is true, it seems that your bathroom has been invaded by damp. Need not to worry, whilst it may currently unsettle your mind, but don’t panic.

Depending on your home environment, you may be faced with one of three damp manifestations: condensation, penetrating damp, or rising damp. If left untreated, damp can attack the very structure of your house, causing a slow deterioration that could result in a costly fix - ultimately putting a dampener on your day.

Glass toweL warmer & Radiator

Vetromoda Deva Black in Bathroom

Unsatisfied with simply feeding on housing structures, damp also preys on humans, releasing allergens and toxic substances that can have detrimental effects upon the immune system – particularly for babies, children and the elderly. Damp can also have a negative impact on those with existing skin or respiratory problems such as eczema, allergies or asthma etc.

As has been well established, prevention is always easier than a cure, as far as damp is concerned. Whilst good ventilation is one of the most important preparatory steps you can take, it’s equally important to ensure your rooms are adequately heated. One of the best ways to do this in your bathroom is with an electric towel rail and a heat radiator. A good towel rail & radiator fights damp at two levels: warming the room, which makes the walls and ceiling less hospitable to damp, and drying your towels, ridding the room of unnecessary moisture held in festering soggy towels. Electric towel rails provide a particularly economic damp-fighting heating strategy for bathrooms because they operate separately from your central heating, so you can keep them running throughout the summer without switching on your entire heating system. Towel rails are excellent bathroom heaters.

Glass toweL warmer & Radiator

VETROMODA DEVA recently launched 100% Italian, one of its kind & first time in India. A dual function towel warmer & heat radiator. Ideal for installation in damp places. The purity of glass, a natural material that accumulates heat and releases gently that makes this product bathroom friendly. It has elegant essential lines, round edges & thin profile for heat any bathroom, making your towel hot and comfortable. With touchscreen control, LCD display, energy saving functions, integrated USB connector to recharge your phone, 2 adjustable towel bar, weekly programming, open window detection and the keypad locked function makes the product unique and solves dampness problem, helps to keep the humidity level of the bathroom lower and solves many other health issues as well while furnishing your bathroom elegantly. 

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