A Collection Inspired by the Anatomy of a Flower

The collection is said to be inspired by the anatomy of a flower, as each piece resembled the organs of a flower and indeed was a visual treat for the visitors’ eye. Team Surfaces Reporter was present there at the event and encountered the exhibits kept at Studio Ardete’s stand.
Architects Badrinath Kaleru & Prerna Kaleru, Studio Ardete

Studio Ardete introduced their all-new design collection including furniture and a lamp at the recently held SaloneSatellite, Milan. The collection was said to be inspired by the anatomy of a flower, as each piece resembled the organs of a flower and indeed was a visual treat for the visitors’ eye. Surfaces Reporter congratulates Studio Ardete for being selected to exhibit at Salone Satellite

Nature has always been a great source of inspiration. Flowers have been one of nature’s best designs, their dynamism and versatility making them masterpieces of nature. Flowers are associated to prosperity, holy, invitation of good fortunes. See here the flower-shaped collection by architects Badrinath Kaleru & Prerna Kaleru:

COROLLA – The lounge chair

The curvilinear framed structure made of Stainless steel is conceived from the main silhouette of petals and the seat is a metamorphosis of the ovule of a flower which is the most bright and inviting part of a flower. The curvilinear bending of slim 12mm mild steel rod provides necessary bucking strength to hold up the chair. At the same time, it gives spring-like comfort. The free spanning frame allows them to slightly buckle underweight, thus providing additional comfort. The seating is fabricated in bright tan leather which slings from the main structure.

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STAMEN – The lamp

Similarly, the Stamen lamp is inspired from the Stamen of a flower. It consists of a head like structure called anther and a slender thin structure called filament. The two support structures gently rise from a circular base, curving in different directions moving away from each other, then curving back and crossing each other.  The shade of the lamp comprises 2 components. The first component cuts of direct glare of the lamp, whereas the second component acts like a gently curved reflector which emits a slight glow. The lamp has a dynamic and versatile nature owing to the opaque shade, which provides a contrast from the directly emitted light from the sides.

  • Design Credits: Ar Badrinath Kaleru
  • Structural frame Work: Er. Ravijeet Singh
  • Prototype Credits: Formus
  • Photo Credits: Ar Nakul Jain

For more info, visit: www.studioardete.com


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