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A Farmhouse House In Chattarpur Designed Like A Mini Palace

The farmhouse in Chattarpur was designed like a mini palace giving it a rich, exuberant and colourful feel.

The farmhouse was designed like a mini palace giving it a rich, exuberant and colourful feel. The palatial look is reflected through the use of rich materials and colours, semi-precious stones, carving work on the furniture and extensive use of mirror work.

The entrance door leads to the foyer area which has the formal living area on one side and the dining area on its other side. From the foyer, one can see the informal lounge and the small home office.

A Farmhouse in Chattarpur

All Rooms Have Their Individual Balconies Which Overlook The Green Outside

The primary residence of the house has long glass-lined corridor which is marked with a master bedroom, a kid’s room and two other rooms each with its unique look. All rooms have their individual balconies which overlook the green outside.

A Farmhouse in Chattarpur

Large Venetian Chandeliers, Large Table and Floor Lamps to Create the Perfect Mood

Floors, walls and ceilings: Dramatic wallpapers have been used both on the walls and on the ceilings, also extensive hand etched mirror work has been used to highlight certain walls and doors and windows. Beautiful and larger than life artworks created at the in-house studio of the firm has been used to add life to the various spaces. Beautiful handmade Persian carpets adorn the floors.

Lighting: The dining area has a beautiful cluster of lights in brass and crystal. In the double-height area, a cluster of about 100 mercurised suspended lights have been used. With intricate Venetian mirror work, the lighting has been strategically placed to reflect and highlight the elements from the mirror work.

Project Details:

Designer: Adetee Sawhaney
Firm: Altus Interio
Project Name: Chattarpur Farms
Materials: Semi precious stones, Mirror work, wallpapers, Venetian Chandeliers, Venetian Mirror-work
Location: New Delhi
Total Sqft area: 15,000

About the Designer:

Adetee Sawhaney is the Principal Designer and Creative Director of Atlus Interio. She started her career with advertising and thereafter went on to express her irrepressible imagination through art before adopting the world of interior design as the canvas to express her creative individuality. It’s been over fifteen years and today her name is synonymous with several of the most beautiful spaces in India and beyond.

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