Aludecor Takes One-step Ahead towards Fire-Safety – Launches 3 mm Fire Rated ACP

Aludecor, one of the pioneers in the world of Aluminium Composite Panels in India, has recently launched 3mm fire rated Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai.

Fire-related accidents have been wreaking havoc both in India and abroad when a lot of lives and properties get at stake. Unfortunately very rarely any step is taken byany firm to curb this issue and give-out a product that works towards fire-safety in India. Aludecor, one of the pioneers in the world of Aluminium Composite Panels in India, has recently launched 3mm fire rated Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. This ACP is said to prevent rapid flame spread and provides 2-hour resistance to fire. This new launch is thus being claimed to contribute significantly towards preventing building fire casualties in most buildings in India. Ashok Khurana, Director General (Retd.) of CPWD and Independent Director of NBCC India Ltd., who was the chief guest for the event in Delhi, launched the product.

3 mm fire wall-Aluminium Composite Panels in India

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs) are used extensively in India, not only for commercial purposes, but people doinginteriors and residential projects seem to be in awe of this miraculous product, called the ACPs. While majority of the ACP market in India is filled with 3mm ACP, there has been no fire rated version of the same. Thanks to Aludecor that brings an affordable, 3mm fire rated ACP in the Indian architectural market and taking the much-needed step towards creating fire-safe spaces in our country.


Aludecor has its own, in-house palletizing unit that manufactures the mineral core sandwiched between the two aluminium coils in an ACP. The firm also boasts of its baby line which is known for producing mineral core on trial that is subjected to rigorous in house tests. It is only after clearing the tests a particular product line gets approved for final production. Backed by such rigorous process and rigid infrastructure, the R&D team of Aludecor has eventually worked out fire rating for 3mm ACP that could be provided in the market at an affordable price.

Aludecor’s 3 mm Fire Rated ACP:

  • Provides 2-hour fire resistance
  • Controls flame spread and heat release
  • Suppresses smoke so that visions of people are not blurred while escaping
  • Doesn’t produce flaming droplets
  • Does not come off the Façade 

Speaking on the occasion, Ashok Kumar Bhaiya, the CMD of Aludecor, said, “If electric cables have to be fire retardant by default today, why not building materials?’ According to Bhaiya, Fire rated ACP is a kind of an insurance against fire for buildings”. “This affordable 3mm FR ACP has been developed entirely in our country, at our factory in Haridwar, and it is better than any other 3mm FR ACPs in the world”, he added.

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