A Chic Office in Serene Neutrals and Minimalist Design | Chhattisgarh | Azure Interiors

A Chic Office in Serene Neutrals and Minimalist Design |Chhattisgarh | Azure Interiors

Designed by Rashi Bothra and Ruchi Gehani of Azure Interiors, SRRM Projects' new marketing office in Jora, Chhattisgarh, exudes minimalist sophistication through muted tones and curvilinear forms. Spanning 3,250 square feet, the office features a serene palette of neutral hues—whites, beiges, and grays. It includes a transitional lobby, VR and conference rooms, and two private cabins, emphasizing the client’s focus on luxury real estate. Learn more about the project from the design team in SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

Visitors encounter a beautifully designed space with a bespoke marble-draped reception table and a contemporary Zeqon chandelier at the entrance. The unconventional furniture arrangement challenges traditional office norms, featuring standalone seating where coffee tables double as workstations.

Curved Walls and Textured Finishes

Incorporating large windows for natural light and minimalistic furniture, the office features curved walls that introduce a distinctive architectural element.

These walls are designed to create fluidity and organic movement, offering subtle transitions between different areas or making bold statements with more pronounced curves. The application of texture paint enhances the office's aesthetic appeal, providing both visual interest and a sophisticated touch to the space.

Serene Neutrals 

The office is adorned with a neutral undertone palette, featuring whites, beiges, and grays that dominate the color scheme. These versatile hues complement diverse design elements, creating a harmonious backdrop.

The neutral tones evoke tranquility and balance, fostering a relaxed and focused atmosphere for employees and visitors alike.

Immersive Mauve-themed VR Room

The office includes a dedicated VR room designed in striking mauve, offering a unique and immersive experience. The room features mauve carpeting for a plush feel, enhancing comfort during virtual reality sessions.

Acoustically designed mauve panels on the side walls aid in sound absorption, creating a balanced auditory environment. The mauve-painted ceiling completes the cohesive color theme, ensuring a unified look and feel throughout the room.

Project Details

Project Name: SRRM Office
Location: Chhattisgarh
Firm: Azure Interiors
Designers: Ms. Rashi Bothra and Ms. Ruchi Gehani

About the Firm

Azure Interiors is a leading interior and decor solutions company based in Raipur helping people discover the nuances of bespoke decor. Azure was founded by two friends professionally trained in interior design Ms. Rashi Bothra and Ms. Ruchi Gehani, in 2013 to bring a more personal experience to home design and styling.


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