Studio RAPs Innovative 3D-Printed Facade in Amsterdam, Inspired by Knit-Wear

In the middle of Amsterdams old shopping area on P.C. Hooftstraat, a famous Dutch architecture company called Studio RAP made a new front for a shop thats different from the rest.

In the middle of Amsterdam's old shopping area on P.C. Hooftstraat, a famous Dutch architecture company called Studio RAP made a new front for a shop that's different from the rest. They mixed art, technology, and fashion to create a cool "wave-like" look with 3D-printed ceramic tiles inspired by knitwear details. Read more about the project on SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

To make the store stand out in the old part of the city, Studio RAP used computers to make a new design for the front of the store. They got ideas from the art collection at a nearby museum and the tradition of making special ceramic art in Amsterdam.

Fashion Meets Buildings

Every ceramic tile on the front was carefully designed and made using a 3D printer to look like fabric patterns. Lucas ter Hall, one of the people who started Studio RAP, says, "We looked at how knitwear, with its fancy folds, yarn, and stitches, is made and used that to create our design."

They divided the front into three parts to match the way other buildings on the street look.

They also paid a lot of attention to how the new front connects with the building next to it, using special technology to make sure everything fits perfectly.

Fusion of Old and New

Working with a very old pottery company called Royal Tichelaar, Studio RAP added a modern touch. The tiles at the bottom are shiny white with a bit of yellow, and the ones on top look like red bricks, all held in place by strong metal frames made by lasers.

The front looks different depending on where you're standing. The closer you get, the more details you see. Ter Hall says, "From far away, it looks like it belongs with the other old buildings, but up close, you notice the special stitch pattern we added. Every tiny bit was carefully designed."

Changing the Architect's Job

Studio RAP thinks this project is not just about a new facade—it's about changing how architects work. They use big machines and smart technology to make things themselves, and they want to bring more excitement and different ideas to how buildings look.

The facade is not just breaking the usual rules; it's showing a totally new way buildings can look. As people walk by, the front unfolds, inviting them to find new things and experience a mix of fashion and wonderful architecture in the heart of Amsterdam.

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