SAVA Transforms Neglected Retail Store with Stunning Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Planter Facade | Vietnam

SAVA Transforms Neglected Retail Store with Stunning Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Planter Facade

SAVA is entrusted to transform an outdated retail space that formerly housed electrical and home appliances into a luxurious Thavi Cosmetic Showroom. Drawing on their expertise, they uses modules and fibre-reinforced concrete planters to create a unique design on the facade, with plenty of greenery both inside and out to create a tropical paradise. Meanwhile, the planters will ensure the interior is bright and full of sunshine. Read more about it on SURFACES REPORTER (SR):

Modules and fibre-reinforced concrete planters are used to create a unique facade design

By disregarding typical rapid construction and colonial-style replicas, SAVA developed a modern take on tropical architecture that takes into account the local culture and environment. The showroom's facade, while unconventional in appearance, still evokes the tone and feel of its residential setting.

Striking Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Planter Facade

SAVA's design combines fibre-reinforced concrete planters, which are made up of easily transportable modules to ensure ample light into the interior.

A fibre-reinforced concrete planter consists of easily transportable modules for ample light.

The team insists that 'the sizes have been optimized for easy transportation using standard trucks available in Vietnam'.

SAVA's Strategy for Increased Natural Lighting

SAVA proposes a strategy to increase the natural lighting in the building by demolishing the staircase and partial floor slab at its centre.

This structure has an atrium topped with a skylight, which illuminates even the darkest corners

This will create an atrium with a skylight atop, making even the darkest corners of the structure well-lit. Additionally, a curved metal staircase will surround the green courtyard, replacing the old one. Natural light is also welcomed from both front and back façades and even from up on the rooftop. To turn it into a sunny café area surrounded by planters of native flowers and shrubs, SAVA plans to replace the existing corrugated roof.

Project Details

Project Name: Thavi Cosmetic Showroom 
Location: Vinh, Vietnam
Architecture: SAVA 
Team: To Quang Cam, Aron Beh Kawai, Pham Le Ai Quyen

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