Marvelous Marbles The Art of Selecting The Right Marble

Marvelous Marbles

Marble can add beauty and depict art through any piece. This is because of its natural property of resonating luxury. Marble is one of nature’s most amazing stones that take millions of years to form. Marble is a metamorphic rock, which shines on polishing. It is formed after being subjected to extreme heat and pressure. Each marble piece is hence unique and different from the other. This is why it is important to know certain facts about this luxurious stone before making the final decision of bringing it home. Surfaces Reporter(SR) highlights some important aspects of marbles.


How to choose the correct marble for your home

Owing to the uniqueness of the stone, there is a huge variety of available marbles. To decide which one will be the best fit for your house, let us take a look at the various aspects that need to be considered when selecting the right kind of marble.

The cost efficiency of Indian Marble

Marble has been used in Indian buildings from ancient times. In recent times most of us have noticed its European rival, the Italian marble. The fancier Italian marble has an additional luster which adds a visual attraction to any setting. Since it is quarried in Italy and due to its additional sheen it is also more expensive. The Indian marble is harder and has a lesser shine but it is extremely cost-efficient and comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Origin of the slab

Marbles can have various origins. As already stated they could either be Indian or Italian. Additionally, they could be from South America such as the variety Ombiancaare which is suitable for both interior and exterior uses. Indian marble is great for flooring usage owing to its durable nature. Italian marble such as Carrara can be used only for interiors. Its usage can include bathroom flooring.

A suitable color

Marble has vast heterogeneity when it comes to the choice of color or texture. Natural marble has diverse shades, tints, and tones. The light ones could bring a soothing effect to your room while the dark ones are a good pick for areas with high footfall to reduce the cleaning needs. Light colors will additionally create the illusion of larger spaces while darker ones will radiate an intimate and cozy feel. The same goes for the pattern or veins.

Physical features

Marbles have an impeccable look which is undeniably attractive. While choosing the marble you should not get blindfolded by the beauty of the stone to avoid the defects in the piece. To avoid counterfeit marbles, ensure that you only order via an ISO-certified supplier, as their products are tested and verified. You should also perform a quick spot check by gently scratching the surface. If the stone doesn't get scratched it means that it has been coated artificially with a sealant to keep the color intact. Uncolored and genuine stone will show scratches. Also if opting for slabs, make sure that you select slabs of the same thickness and dimensions for uniform laying of the floor. As poor marble installation can lead to breakage ensure that you hire skilled labor for the installation.

 Finish of the stone

Marble can be finished in polished, honed, or tumbled textures. If you want a luxurious look, you can select polished marble which is suitable for entryways, living rooms, and bedrooms. The texture will also be a determining factor in whether or not the floor is slippery. For bathrooms and balconies, it is more suitable to opt for honed and tumbled finishes as they are rougher.

Choosing a marble flooring

Lighter, softer shades in engineered marble can be a great choice for flooring with marbles. This is because this light flooring will reflect light more and make your spaces appear brighter and bigger. Popular shades are white, grey, and beige. You can also experiment with some offbeat shades such as dark red, brown, and dark grey.

Choosing Marble Cladding For Walls

Marble walls draw ample attention to your walls. To accentuate a dull wall, bring a brilliantly-hued marble cladding surface. Softer shades with dramatic patterns add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any interior space.Apartment901, Mumbai by Kayzad Shroff and Maria Leon, SHROFFLE has a beautiful take on marble wall cladding. The apartment was made in collaboration with artist Anand Prabhudesai to create bespoke textured lead panels. The three-dimensional marble wall tiles enchant all onlookers and guests. The flooring is also adorned in White Statuario marble. The rich veins of the marble add to the character of the space.

Choosing Marble For Tabletops

Marble in kitchen islands, tabletops, and designer slabs are a dramatic touch to your living space. It enlivens the room with its stunning appearance. Citco Gibuti Cabinet is one such example. Various forms of marble have been combined to provide an extraordinary creation. There are two asymmetric engraved front doors to portray the jungle at night. The cabinet has leopard carving, green leaves, etc on a dark background all made in marble.

Choosing Marble For Bathrooms And Showers

Darker shades are mostly chosen for designing shower surrounds and bathrooms. Most popular picks for bathrooms include grey, brown, black, and even beige. This penthouse situated in the Arabella building, Houston, United States has over 50 different exquisite marbles combined for the perfect exquisite variation. This 212box built house consists of a rose marble bedazzled bathroom, which serves as a treat to the eyes.


 It is because of the beauty of marble that it is loved by sculptors, artisans, designers, and architects. Many fine works including cathedrals, galleries, elaborate pillars, and public buildings have been endowed with marble. Marbles also offer a diverse range of options for various purposes such as bathrooms, floors, kitchens, and countertops. Hence you can easily choose the one based on your liking or the function that the marble will pose in your living space.


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