Brazilian Firm Pairs Impressive Cobogó Facade With Lush Native Flora At This New Furniture Store in Sao Paulo, Brazil


When planning the new store concept for local furniture and accessories brand +55design, Brazilian firm Studio Arthur Casas incorporated classic design elements from brazilian modernism. Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the exquisite store features the use of an earthy colour palette, clean lines, lush native flora and perforated walls. Meanwhile, the minimal and monochrome materiality inside the store draws attention towards varied outdoor furniture and objects collection. The architecture firm uses cobogo's to create the permeable facade of the contemporary and sophisticated store while its landscape was modelled by Leandro Reis from The Lapa Company. Read more about the project below at SURFACES REPORTER (SR): 

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studio-arthur-casas-plus-55-designThe earthy materiality in the ceiling, walls and flooring of the store gives the required “blank canvas” character in this project. The soft green of the perforated facade goes well with the earthy tones and lush green landscape.


“The project was thought of as searching for solutions to evidence the furniture, not the architecture”, says Arthur Casas.


Bathed in Daylighting and Patterned Shadows

The retail store gets plenty of sunlight that streams through the permeable facade, forming patterned shadows on the floor.

studio-arthur-casas-plus-55-designThe neutral interiors with minimalist landscape and clean lines offer a flexible layout to the store. The glass roofing also allows maximum daylight to enter the space.

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Furniture - The Main Protagonist

The main idea for creating a minimal, clean-lined and sunlit store is to properly highlight the furniture’s textures.

studio-arthur-casas-plus-55-designThe architect wanted to create a space where objects on sale will be the focal point. The store also contains products designed by Arthur Casas himself, including a line of outdoor furniture pieces, called ‘Golf’, which he created using aluminum, wood and plastic net.


A built-in, artificial lighting system to imitate natural light adds to the inviting ambiance. The project features a beautiful amalgamation of nature and architecture. 

Project Details

Project Name: +55 design
Architecture Firm: Arthur Casas
Completion Year: 2020
Plot Area: 480 sqm
Built Area: 720 sqm
Location: São Paulo, Brasil
Photography: Fran Parente

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