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Projects by ‘Andblack’ Studio, Ahmedabad

The Fluid form structure for Toddler’s Den is meant as a workshop space for Toddlers. The objective is to have an organic growth that emerges and merges into the other part of the school, generating playfulness.

Installation at the Hyatt Andaaz

Toddler’s Den AIS Ahmedabad

In Collaboration With: RGA.SPACE
Structural Consultants: Schafbock Design+ Workshop
Photo Credits: Binoy Shah

Projects by ‘Andblack’ Studio, Ahmedabad

Toddlers Den AIS Ahmedabad

The Fluid form structure for Toddler’s Den is meant as a workshop space for Toddlers. The objective is to have an organic growth that emerges and merges into the other part of the school, generating playfulness, stimulating interest and in turn drawing kids to the
curves. It blurs the boundaries between building, structure, space and landscape through strategic use of form, light, space and material. The form is also conceived as a landscape for children to access it as a mound and play over it.

The Structure is made of metal sections which we pre fabricated off site. Parametric modelling was used extensively to design the form and also solve the complexity of the fabrication process. The metal structural sections are enclosed with bent metal sheets. A layer of insulation and IPS is done over the metal sheet to reduce the heat gain and also allow human load and movement above the structure. The structural members on the inside are exposed to celebrate the form and structure. It gives a sense of the process the design and form has gone through.

Some Furniture collection by andBlack

Edge Table

Some furniture collection by andBlack

Edge Table

With the ‘Edge Table’ we wanted to create a design-infused dining experience where a transparent table top is supported by a light weight golden folded metal sheet.

The idea was to use 2-dimensional sheets of metal and make them into a 3-dimensional object that is functional, structural and visually lightweight.Sheets of metal are cut, folded and welded to create a single entity that comprises of the table top as well as its legs. The design of the table maintains seamlessness in formal expression and materiality across its different components creating a feeling of oneness.

The Edge Table also commands a shift from the conventional notion of a dining table supported on 4 legs. The table is designed with 2 legs kept on a wooden base. This multi-faceted and triangulated surfaces was optimised by reducing the unwanted weight as chunks of non-structural metal was removed from its surfaces making the table more transparent, delicate and stylish.

Aastha Centre for Mentally Challenged Ahmedabad

Aastha Center for Mentally Challenged Ahmedabad

Aashta Associate

‘Aastha’ is a residential and institutional campus for mentally challenged located in Bavla, 30min drive from Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

 The idea was to move away from the ghetto style provision of hostels and provide a homely environment where the inmates feel they are getting to stay in small bungalows which they can call their own.

The campus will provide for all activities surrounding the development of a home for a mentally challenged person like dedicated dining areas, toilet training areas, recreational and sport facilities and workshop facility for vocational training along with homely accommodation for almost 200 inmates. The staff is provided for in-house which will help maintain the standards as well as safety.

Parikh Associates Office Ahmedabad

Parikh Associates Office Ahmedabad

Parikh Associates Office Ahmedabad

Photo Credits: Kala

A perfect view, a perfect address, our CA friend’s office had to be perfectly designed too.

Sophisticated, inspiring and contemporary were the adjectives we were after while designing this office. Liberal use of grey and wood coupled with sleek black metal and white was the mood.

Squeezing everything into the tight floorspace was not the only constraint, but maintaining the openness and outside views all throughout was a bigger challenge.

Paper Tube Pavilion

paper tube pavilion

India Design ID13 New Delhi

India Design ID13, New Delhi

It was a concept pavilion made of paper tubes, which is essentially a waste material from many industries. The entire pavilion was conceptualised and built in Ahmedabad and was then transported to Delhi for its launch at the event India Design 2013.

Whilst the use of paper tubes was part of the brief, the main challenge was to design a system that could bring paper tubes together to create interesting and varying forms. The system we came up with involved stitching the tubes with metal wire and creating a fabric of paper tubes.This system allowed flexibility and gave us enough formal freedom. What we came up with was a bottom-up process that enabled us to use paper tubes in varied conditions and uses. The construction itself was highly deployable,dry, quick and ecologically friendly. Bio Pavilion is proud to be the first paper tube structure in India designed for outdoors.

Through this pavilion we are able to stretch the limits of the material’s usability by demonstrating that it can be used as a component to develop systems for creating forms and spaces that are contemporary and non-conventional without loosing its structural and visual qualities.

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