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Kharghar Township Was Pritzker Winner Doshi’s Brainchild

Pritzker Architecture Prize recipient Balkrishna V Doshi changed the city’s periphery with Khargar township master plan.

Ar. Balkrishana Doshi is the first Indian to be honoured with the prestigious Pritzker Architecture Prize. Among his many great iconic works, Kharghar Township is worth mentioning. It is the biggest residential nodule in the Panvel City Municipal Corporation. Doshi designed the master plan when he was a consultant with Cidco. Kharghar Township is like a dream with wide roads, recreation zones, traffic junctions, drainage system and seamless movement of pedestrians from one sector to the other.

Cidco’s chief planner Ramesh Dengle quoted, “Without the basic structure of Kharghar node, which was designed and conceptualized by Doshi, it would not have been possible for us to develop such a beautiful node having wonderful landscapes like Central Park, Golf Course, Utsav Chowk and Shilp Chowk, besides wide roads, footpaths, hangout zones, green belt and scenic traffic islands. Doshi’s contribution to this node has been immense as he prepared the blueprint of the basic layout and conceptual plan.”

This story was initially published in TOI

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