Encraft announces the Launch of Three Novel Categories in Door and Window System

Encraft, India premium windows company and a flagship company of the DCJ group, has launched its new range of window and door systems specifically designed for the premium Indian market.

Encraft, India's premium windows company and a flagship company of the DCJ group, has launched its new range of window and door systems specifically designed for the premium Indian market. Encraft continues its remarkable run of innovation and combined with its well-known assured manufacturing quality remains at the forefront of the uPVC Window & Door market in order to enhance our way of living.  Apart from continuous innovation, the brand strives to explore new avenues to leapfrog growth and make it's presence felt across the world.

Talking about the new launches, Encraft said, "We're excited to launch our new range for the discerning Indian consumer as it has always been ENCRAFT’s endeavor to design windows and doors that suit India's unique requirements. The brand is also expanding its outreach in the country by soon-to-be announcing the launch of its experience, testing & training center, spreading over 5000 sq ft in New Delhi.”


Some of the new product additions from Encraft are Lift & Slide (main image), Vertical Slider (left, above) and Parallel Window (right)

EN 142 Lift & Slide: The link between the inside and the outside, these doors come in frameless side elements and extra-large sizes. Perfect for balcony and terrace, these Patio doors are used for large apertures covering 6 meter (wide) by 3 meter (tall); which can be moved quickly and without any effort. The large surface area makes the doors quite heavy weighing up to 300 kg per sash. ENCRAFT's Lift & Slide door comes with double compression seals to protect against draft, dust, water and loss of heat, as well as allowing internal glazing options from 4mm single to 36 mm triple.

Special Feature: Low threshold, heavy duty interlock with double seal, EN 222 3-track option, internal fly screen option, dedicated fitting channel

EN 77 Vertical Slider Window: It is an ideal option when you have limited window breadth. You just have to lift the sash upwards to open and pull downwards to close the window. Apart from easy operation, such windows are meant for great insulation with no possibility of drafts caused by inaccurately shut windows. With 1m (wide) by 1.8 m (tall) size, the windows come with special spiral that balances to suit the individual sash weight. ENCRAFT assures weather stripping all round to enjoy living while the window allows an internal glazing options from 4 mm to 22 mm.

Special Feature: Alternative sashes, integrated handle bead, multi-point point locking device, optional fixed fly screen

EN 112 Parallel window: Frame designed for maximum ventilation, ideal for staircases, landings and offices, maximum sash size 2 m (6.6 feet) wide by 2 m (6.6 feet) tall, weight carrying capacity up to 200 kg per sash, perimeter locking device, double compression seals all round, glazing from 4 to 36 mm

Special Feature:  3 outer frame options to choose from i.e. EN 112 TwinSash 62/42 arrangement with optional security grill and fly screen, EN 152 TwinSash 62/62 arrangement with optional security grill, fly screen and fixed louvers, EN 62 standard sash arrangement

More on: www.encraft.in


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