Beautiful Triangular Wicker Mesh Pavilion in France by Latvian Architecture Firm DJA

Wicker Mesh Pavilion by DJA

Located in the heart of Jardins De l'Europe in Annecy, France, the timber/wicker grid pavilion is a perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary architecture. The space offers fantastic views of the surrounding nature and thus creates a shaded space for people coming into the park to shelter from the scorching summer sun. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) is providing here more design details of the pavilion. Scroll down.


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Wicker Mesh Pavilion

The beautiful timber/wicker pavilion by DJA is noticeable in the green surroundings, thus creating a solid link between the exterior and the pavilion's interior.

Wicker Mesh Pavilion

Dynamic Shadow Patterns

The sunlight that infiltrates the intricate grid pavilion creates dynamic shadow patterns on the grass. It gives a pleasing visual effect.

Triangular 'Wicker Mesh Pavilion' by DJA

Design Details

Latvian artisans used the timber grid shell structure technique to design this pavilion. They weaved 262 traditional wicker baskets in a cone shape and covered the pavilion.

Wicker Mesh PavilionThe triangular mesh of the timber grid is assembled on the ground, then the middle part is lifted at the necessary height. Afterwards, three corners are fixed to create a final arched shape.

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Wicker Mesh Pavilion

Pine tree planks 21 x 45 mm in 6 structural layers connected with bolts at crossing points to build the load-bearing structure. The structure was irrigated with water in order to provide timber flexibility during the construction process.

Wicker Mesh PavilionIn time, when timber and wicker will become grey, they will merge more into their surrounding nature.

Project Details

Architects: Didzis Jaunzems Architecture
Site: Jardins De L'europe, Annecy, France
Typology: Pavilion
Area: 50 m²
Construction: 2020
Client: Annecy Paysages
Images: Didzis Jaunzems Architecture
Photography by: eriks boĹľis

More Images and Diagrams

Wicker Mesh PavilionWicker Mesh Pavilion
Wicker Mesh Pavilion

Wicker Mesh Pavilion

Wicker Mesh Pavilion

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