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Shailja Harish Design Studio is an Award Winning Designing firm, who is Extraordinarily effective at listening their client’s requirements and readily accessible throughout the work. 

Founded in 2001 with the context of “Elevating our Client’s Life Style and give them experience of being Unique, Extra Ordinary and Blessed by our Services.” Openness and Empathy is always at the heart of what we design at Shailja Harish Design Studio. We work together in integrated design teams and provide the best outcome for our clients, at the end we leave our clients with 100% fulfillment and Happiness. Our Philosophy which is at the source of our work..  Integrity, Happiness, Self Expression and Being at Service.

We believe that the best interior designs can only be created if there are passion and commitment to each project. 

Their focus is driven by the pursuit of excellent design standards. At the end of the day, our goal is to help clients achieve total satisfaction.Through our extensive knowledge of interior design trends, we craft unique solutions for your specific space requirements. We create a harmonious working experience with all partners during design & renovation process, translating to effective collaborations and holistic designs with effective design solutions. At the completion of each project we achieve a new level of Integrity, Effectiveness and fulfillment of making a profound deference in our client’s lives “ OUR METHODOLOGY ”.

The pre-design stage is extremely thorough to ensure that every detail is incorporated into the final design. Getting this right prevents any oversight in the subsequent stages. The pre-design stage takes care of all the little details and ensures that we fully understand and meet your needs as a client. The process includes: An in-depth analysis of the Client’s design brief and requirements

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