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Othalo and Architect

Othalo and Architect Julien De Smedt Design Affordable Housing Made from Recycled Plastic

Established in 2019, Norwegian start-up Othalo aims to tackle two of the world’s biggest and most challenging problems – the housing crisis and p...

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prominent cultural centres Kala Academy

Goa Culture Minister Calls Charles Correa’s Work a Faulty Design | Kala Academy Renovation

One of Goa’s prominent cultural centres Kala Academy which had been designed by celebrated Indian architect and urban planner late Charles Correa...

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World Toilet Day| Significance, Theme, Government Initiatives and Brand Concerns

Exploring how inadequate sanitation systems harm humans and pollute the environment by spreading human waste into rivers, lakes and soil, polluti...

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Masters in Engineering degree from McGill

CarbonCure Helps Concrete Producers Add CO2 to Concrete to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Upon receiving his Masters in Engineering degree from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Rob Niven attended the United Nations summit on clim...

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