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Our Parliament Building Needs a New Look as per the New India, feels Lok Sabha Speaker, Mr Om Birla

Our Parliament Building May Get a Makeover Soon

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is planning to create a ‘Naya Bharat’ by the time India completes 75 years of India’s freedom in 2022. To add more j...

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Lamp Coated with Coffee

Lamp Coated with Coffee

Sustainable design takes new shape as the COFFIRE pendant lamp uses recycled coffee grounds as the sustainable pigment t...

Wear Pure is an environmentally-respectful garment, manufactured by combining textiles and 3D printed elements with properties capable of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Crafting the Waste Beautifully

In a sustainable world, even ‘waste’ is not to be wasted. It must be used for useful creations, and beautiful designs cr...

Falling for Metal

Falling for Metal

Not just wood, well, metals too can do wonders when it comes to crafting immaculate furniture.

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