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What Builders, Material Manufacturers, Architects, Designers, are saying about Union Budget 2019. Explore here.

Post Budget Reactions from Leaders in the Building Industry by Surfaces Reporter

What Builders, Material Manufacturers, Architects, Designers, and other important people are saying about the Union Budget 2019. Explore here.

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The unique Aluminium Composite Panel looks flat as well as curved, it just depends from which angle you are looking at it!

The Unique Aluminium Composite Panel from Alucobond, Worth an Applause

The more you set your eyeballs at the paneling, the more spell-binding effects it projects. This 3D paneling is one of a...

Russian designer Oleg Soroko transports us in a parallel and fluid dimension through his work After Form.

Parametric Technology resulting in Soroko’s After Form

This distinctive kind of furniture has been put in various kinds of interior office projects as well as exterior public ...

The collection is the sculptures of light as if they are cut out from the beautiful scenery depicted by the sky.

Where Sky is the Limit

These colours of the sky in a lamp are a clear projection of one of a kind, immaculate lighting innovation, and Surfaces...

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