The Talk with Surfaces Reporter

    'Vibrant colours and bright imagery is the power of India', says Parth Parikh

    Ar. Parth Parikh, Founder, Design Clinic India in a Podcast interview ‘The Talk’ with Surfaces Reporter’s Sapna Bhardwaj. Parth talks about his journey belonging to a Pharmaceutical family. Why he chose art, the name of his studio, its tag line ‘Made in India’, and ‘Design Shala’. His design philosophy and why he choose art. The challenges he faced and his current projects, who he aspires and his motivation. He asserts, he has received positive response both globally and nationally. Vibrant colours and bright imagery is the power of our country, it connotes happiness. He also highlights, how the design fraternity, do not use colours. In a way, it seems like it is scared of it. He also spoke on the themes he pursues, what’s integral to the work of an artist. What inspires and motivates, concluding the talk with a quick rapid fire.