10 Ways to Use Corner Spaces Effectively

10 Ways to Use Corner Spaces Effectively

Insufficient space at home is often a common complaint which many people tend to face. This happens not only with small houses but also big ones and the main reason behind the same is improper use of the space available. There are a lot of creative ideas to deal with this issue and one of them could be using the corner spaces optimally. Read below to find out 10 ways to use these corner spaces effectively-Surfaces Reporter (SR) guarantees that you will in fact, be surprised to know that there is enough space to fit in all of these things in your homes: -

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A Bed Under the Stairs

The space under your stairs is most often ignored and this a common issue in many households. You often have to bend low to get to this place which is why people don’t like putting stuff there. So, one of the best ways to use this place is to turn it into a sleeping or resting area with a bed there. As you obviously, don’t need to stand while sleeping, this place fits in correctly for a bed and adds an extra sleeping space to meet your needs. 

Use the Corner as A Personal Bar

Empty space in the corners can be used to fit in a two-level shelf and a table. This makes the space ideal to be used as a personal home bar where you can chill, make a nice drink and spend some relaxing time after a hard day of work as well as cultivate a new hobby! 

Bring in A Personal Work Table

As the empty place under the stairs or in the corners inside your home is usually less frequently accessed, you can place a small computer table there and use it as a personal work place. This will be an ideal space to work and, as many people are working from home these days, the place under your stairs will be an apt space where you the level of disturbance will be low hence, allowing you to work efficiently. 

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Kids’ Play Area

Kids often play around at home and it becomes the job of the adults in the house to keep a continuous watch so that they don’t damage things or hurt themselves in the process.  The space in the corners of the house can be used as a safe play space for kids. Just place a small bed or table there and, put all the toys that your kid loves. Voila! you will see your kid safely confined to his new play area- voluntarily! 

Place A Sofa and Make A Nice Sitting Area 

You can place a sofa under your stairs or in the corners inside the house and use it to meet guests as a cozy sitting area. You can also paint the walls with bright colors or place beautiful paintings on the walls to make the place look lovely and lively.

Utensil Storage Space

The space in the corners can also be great for storing things. These spaces are also, often very near to your kitchen. So, you can fit in wooden or a plastic shelf there which can be used to store utensils. It also can be used to store glassware which are brittle. They would be safer here than in any closed cupboards. 

The Washing Area

Unused corners of your home can be used to place your washing machine for washing clothes. This keeps it all well-organized while letting your space look elegantly used. This also helps maintain a separate area for washing your clothes along with ironing and folding them, if you add an ironing table right next to the machine. 

A Mini library


If you have planned to place a sofa, bed or table under your stairs or in a corner at home, you can add a small wooden shelf where you can keep books. This shelf would serve the purpose for people who have the habit of reading a book before going to bed or sitting and reading for peace. 

This serves as a mini-library which is also bound to encourage you to pick-up this healthy and intellectual habit in the long run! 

A Pet Zone for Your Furry Love 

Your pets too need a place where they can chill and unwind or a designated area where they can find their toys along with their beds and other belongings.  This makes sure that the zone is used in an efficient manner and also makes your baby feel loved and appreciated. 

A Small Closet

Just build a small closet and start using this for storing things that are not frequently used. It can be your partywear or old photo albums. 

There also many other ways of using unused corners of your house. You can use this space to store your tool kit, install your inverter, building a small store room, storing wine and much more.

Using corner spaces at home requires intelligence. Reading the above 10 ways to use corner spaces effectively will surely serve your purpose and create enough room for other things too.

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