New Noida Master Plan 2041 Receives Official Approval

Strategic Approval of Master Plan-2041 Sets the Stage for Phased Growth, Connectivity, and Urban Expansion reports Surfaces Reporter (SR)

Noida is charting a transformative course towards becoming an "Education City," orchestrating a meticulously planned phased development, fortified connectivity, and an extensive three-tier road network. With an allocated budget of INR 1,000 crore, the city aims to overcome land scarcity challenges, propelling it towards a comprehensive urban evolution.

Master Plan-2041 Unveils Comprehensive Expansion

Recently sanctioned by Noida authorities, the groundbreaking Master Plan-2041 unfolds the city's expansion over 20,000 hectares. Drawing inspiration from global city models like Chicago, US, the plan accentuates industrial growth while earmarking specific zones for residential areas, green spaces, and infrastructure. The project anticipates a population surge, accommodating diverse housing units to cater to an expected six lakh residents.

New Noida: Crafting a City for the Future

In a monumental decision, the Industrial Development Authority and Noida Authority have granted approval for New Noida, conceived in alignment with renowned global cities such as Chicago and various European counterparts. This visionary city is poised to reshape the destinies of 84 villages in Dadri and Bulandshahr.

Strategic Design and Allocations for Progressive Development

Spanning 20,000 hectares, New Noida is intricately designed with a focus on industrial development, delineating 41 designated areas for varied purposes. The allocation comprises residential areas (11.5%), green spaces (17%), road infrastructure (15.5%), institutional areas (9%), and commercial properties (4.5%).

Meeting Housing Needs and Zonal Development

Anticipating a substantial influx of residents, thoughtful provisions for housing have been made, encompassing units for Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), Low-Income Groups (LIG), Middle-Income Groups (MIG), and High-Income Groups (HIG). The development is segmented into four zones—South, East, West, and North—each hosting specific industrial hubs to attract diverse investments.

Special Investment Zone and Enhanced Connectivity

A dedicated Special Investment Zone, sprawling over 210 square kilometers, is in the works, interlinked through the Western and Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridors. This strategic positioning amplifies connectivity options for potential investors.

Focus on Becoming an "Education City"

Beyond its industrial identity, New Noida aspires to evolve into an "Education City" with plans for university campuses, medical and engineering colleges, and various technical institutions. A substantial 1662 hectares have been earmarked for these educational facilities.

Phased Development and Connectivity Advancements

The development unfolds across five strategic phases, with the initial 10% land acquisition scheduled for 2024. Subsequent phases, leading up to 2047, will seamlessly integrate commercial, institutional, and utility zones, providing a home for the projected six lakh population. Enhanced connectivity options to Jewar Airport and railway networks are also part of the developmental blueprint.

Comprehensive Road Network for Effortless Connectivity

To ensure seamless connectivity, a three-tier road network is actively in progress, featuring a First Arterial Road (40.68 km), Second Arterial Road (98.34 km), and Sector Road (126.09 km). These roads, interconnected through a broad 130-meter grid road, are meticulously designed to meet the burgeoning demands of New Noida's dynamic development.

Overall, Noida's ambitious vision for "New Noida" as a dual hub for industry and education, backed by a significant investment and strategic planning, sets the stage for phased growth, connectivity, and urban expansion. The city's comprehensive approach aims to address land scarcity challenges, accommodate a growing population, attract investments, and foster a thriving educational ecosystem.


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