An Under-Construction Building Collapses in Delhi, Understanding The Root Causes Of Building Collapse During Rainfall

An Under-Construction Building Collapses in Delhi, Understanding The Root Causes Of Building Collapse During Rainfall

An under-construction building collapsed in Delhi's Ambedkar Nagar area on Thursday, July 6, leaving at least three to four people trapped. According to police, people were trapped in the debris after a lintel on the fourth floor gave way. One person was rescued, and a search is underway for those who remain trapped. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) explores the root causes of building collapse during heavy rainfall and essential prevention measures to avoid building collapses.

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Police attributed the incident to the heavy rains that have been occurring over the past few days, asserting that a proper investigation is currently taking place. An MCD officer on site stated that construction had halted some months prior but resumed recently, which might have been a contributing factor in the collapse of the T-iron roof and stone slab. Action has yet to be taken under the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act against those responsible for this mishap. Information regarding the contractor, builder or owner remains undisclosed since no charge nor arrest has been made at this time. 

According to a senior police official, it was believed that four to five men were trapped at first. After around two hours of rescue operations, one person was retrieved from beneath a slab; shortly after 7 or 8 PM, the second worker was saved as well. Animated efforts persisted as drills, ropes and other machinery were used to remove debris to locate them. One fireman reported trying to keep them calm as they conducted their search.

In another case, amid heavy rainfall in Delhi, a boundary wall of a newly-constructed government school in the Sriniwaspuri area collapsed on Saturday. 

15 building collapses have been reported in various parts of the national capital, with waterlogging as an additional challenge.

Why Buildings Succumb to Heavy Rainfall?

These are some reasons why buildings collapse during heavy rainfall in different cities:

  1. A building's structural integrity is dependent on regular maintenance. Neglecting maintenance tasks, such as repairing cracks, addressing water leaks, or reinforcing weak areas, can result in the building collapsing.
  2. Further, buildings constructed with low-quality components, ineffective drainage systems, or poor maintenance are susceptible to collapse during heavy rains. 
  3. Older buildings are particularly susceptible to disaster, as they may not have been renovated or updated in order to meet current safety standards. 
  4. Design flaws can also cause problems when it comes to heavy rainfall: if a building's structural elements are not designed with this added weight in mind, it can lead to failure. 
  5. Additionally, water infiltration can corrode materials and weaken the infrastructure over time. 
  6. Finally, roofs that are unable to withstand rainwater accumulation could cave in and cause significant damage.

Collaborative Efforts to Prevent Building Failures- Concluding Remarks

The prevention of the collapse of a structure is not down to one group alone but rather multiple. Governments must create more stringent inspections for residential buildings, high-rise condominiums and parking garages. Building owners and facility directors must make structural problems a priority and hire certified engineers to examine and appraise structures regularly. 

Furthermore, engineers should also use current technologies and non-destructive testing solutions to examine the state of structures and uncover faults ahead of time. By merging all of these components, they could execute cost-effective maintenance and repair, ensuring public safety by avoiding future catastrophes.

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