CDA Architects Designs An Innovative Architect’s Office To Keep The Employees Stimulated | New Delhi

CDA Architects Designs An Innovative Architect’s Office in New Delhi To Keep The Employees Stimulated

A flexible loop holding a small design library, sliding white-boards that doubles up as privacy screens, and a table loop that pulls up like a cloth allowing employees to walk around under it are some of the interesting features of this creative and innovative office space designed by CDA Architects. Obviously, being an architect’s office, it should have something that connects with the senses of the employees to stir their creativity. Although there is no specific definition of what causes creativity. But a brief insight into human psychology and the way our minds respond to the spatial surroundings could probably help shape the right kind of environment for an architect to work in. And this project by the studio in New Delhi has all that is required to awaken human inventiveness. SURFACES REPORTER (SR) received detailed info about this creative project from the design team. Take a look: 

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CDA-office-spatial-stimuli-surfaces-reporterThe Spatial Stimuli in New Delhi is an office and design Studio for the inter-disciplinary architectural and design firm CDA Architects. It is designed to be a 2,400 square feet rectangular open layout that reflects the firm’s commitment to designing spatial experiences with strategies that enhance lives. According to the design team, “Understanding human psychology and the impact of spatial surroundings on the mind played an essential role in the design process.” 

Curved Shapes Accentuates The Entire Office

The design has been devised from tracking the customary movement of the various end-users of the space, which helps with the zoning while catering to function, privacy, and aesthetics in spatial planning.

CDA-office-spatial-stimuli-surfaces-reporterThe office is conceptualized in terms of orientation and curved shapes that are free from rigid lines. The entrance is greeted by a waiting area, which is an inviting and soothing space.

Yellow Furniture To Spice Up Concrete Decor Scheme 

The raw-exposed concrete and a seamless curved section are fused with pops of yellow furniture, which creates a playful and comfortable atmosphere.

CDA-office-spatial-stimuli-surfaces-reporterThe project display book panel is a showcase of the firm’s portfolio, which encompasses all project typologies undertaken by the firm. The display panel makes a statement right along the entrance, with a thin layer of moss emerging from the ceiling framing it. Visitors are welcome to flip around pages to explore the portfolio in detail.

Table Loop That Pulls Up Like A “Cloth”

The entrance waiting room orients the visitor directly into the meeting room without intruding on the privacy of the studio space. The director’s cabin is placed at the far back in the Southwestern corner allowing the central studio zone to be the focal point. The studio space is surrounded by an open loop that diverges along with the East orientation, housing staff workstations.

CDA-office-spatial-stimuli-surfaces-reporterAn exciting feature that accentuates the studio experience is that the table loop pulls up like a “cloth” along the axis, allowing people to walk around under it.

Flexible Loop Housing A Small Library Underneath

The experience of passing through a flexible loop symbolizes “enlightenment,” which happens to house a small design library with shelf compartments underneath the loop.

CDA-office-spatial-stimuli-surfaces-reporterBuilt out of oakwood, the curved 'Enlightenment' tunnel is a stimulus that is meant to evoke a dialogue in the user's mind. This visual axis extends into the waiting room via a thin linear puncture in the wall, creating a seamless, coherent vista.

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Meeting Room Carries Forward The Stimulus 

The open floor plan and design with no ceilings and extra clear glass make the office expansive and functionally resourceful.

CDA-office-spatial-stimuli-surfaces-reporterThe design of the meeting room carries forward the 'stimulus' of the studio in the form of a vertical panel seamlessly blending into a floating ceiling. The studio also has several flexible elements such as sliding white-boards which doubles up as privacy screens for the meeting room. 

CDA-office-spatial-stimuli-surfaces-reporterColours in the space remain neutral with tones of white and grey, which further lightens and airs the space and complements the wooden loop. The yellow peppered in-between adds a joyful ambience to the raw concrete walls. The various wall displays further enhance the visual appeal and invoke motivation to be creative.


The design of the office is an interior play that creates an aura of energy through the form and the materials. Spatial Stimuli aims to provide a space that fosters architectural dialogue, creativity, and design; with unfolding and unraveling spaces, the design of the office intends to connect users.

Project Details 

Project Name: 'The Spatial Stimuli'-An architect's office
Architect’ Firm: Creative Designer Architects [CDA]
Lead Architects:  Ravideep Singh, Mohanbir Singh, Maninder Kaur
Project Team: Ravideep Singh, Maninder Kaur, Mohanbir Singh
Project location: DLF Prime Towers, Okhla Phase 1, New Delhi
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 3,300 Sq. Feet  
Photo credits: Suryan // dang

About the Firm

Creative Designer Architects (CDA) is an interdisciplinary architectural practice that is an established design leader in healthcare, commercial and retail projects. With an international team led by three principals Ravideep Singh, Mohanbir Singh and Maninder Kaur, the firm has successfully delivered over 150 projects. The practice has won many accolades and global recognition for their work.


Ravideep Singh, Associate Director, Creative Designer Architects (CDA)

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