This Eco-Resort in Bali Features The Use of Bamboo and Rammed Earth To Minimize The Carbon Footprint | Inspiral Architects


Tucked in Bali’s Kaba-Kaba village, ‘Ulaman Eco- Retreat Resort’ designed by Inspiral features the use of materials found directly on the site or in the immediate locality. The firm used bamboo and rammed earth as a sustainable alternative to concrete to design a structure that is completely net-zero carbon. As we all are aware that concrete is responsible for more than 8 percent of the world's carbon dioxide emissions, the project seems to be the best sustainable solution to slow down the climate crisis. Scroll down to read the full project below:

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Integrating Into Rich, Green Landscape

The project integrates well into the surrounding green landscape, which lines with lush rice fields on one side and a reservoir on the other.

Ulaman_ecoresort_baliThe resort harnesses the power produced from the hydroelectric generator that gets enough flow of water through the river. 


Use of Sustainable Materials 

The eco-friendly resort incorporates the attributes of rammed earth and bamboo in a luxury setting. The curved, ground-level walls of the eco-resort are made from rammed earth, while the rest of the construction is done using bamboo, much of which is obtained from the site.


Rammed earth is the mixture of clay-rich soil, water, and natural stabilizers like animal blood or urine and plant fibers that are compressed until it becomes rock solid. The use of natural materials enables the resort to become fully carbon zero.


The firm said, “Being very intensive to build, we were able to recruit the nearby village to work on what has become the most substantial rammed earth project in Indonesia.”


Bamboo has been selected not only because of its sustainable features but also because it is flexible, cost-effective, fire and seismic resistant. It allowed the design firm to design spaces that reflect the rich tropical life. 

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Eco-Luxury Aesthetic

The firm designed eight guest rooms and a large, three-bedroom residence for Ulaman eco retreat, all of which are defined by an eco-luxury aesthetic. Each guest villa, containing its own private pool, is topped by curvilinear roofs that can be admired from different heights and angles. And the reflections from the curving pool add to the dramatic effect.


Focal Points- Yoga Studio and Pool

The luxury resort contains all amenities but the two noticeable features are the yoga studio and pool.


The yoga studio floats from the cliff’s edge with a cantilevered structure supporting a parabolic bamboo pavilion. And the large pool resembles the river nearby that also powers the entire resort.


The Ulaman team plans to extend the resort with elevated pods and a river spa to allow visitors to enjoy the lush natural surroundings.

Project Details

Project Name: Ulaman Eco Retreat Resort
Architecture Firm: Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios
Location: Kaba Kaba, Bali
Site Area: 7500 Sqm
Info and text courtesy: Ulaman Eco Retreat Resort

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