Fascinating Elliptical Brick Mosque Envisioned by Luca Poian Forms | Brick Veil | England

Fascinating Elliptical Brick Mosque Envisioned by Luca Poian Forms | Brick Veil | England

Architect Luca Poian, director of London studio Luca Poian Forms has proposed the design of a brick mosque for a site in Preston, England. The proposed structure, named ‘Brick Veil’, will be clad with decorative brickwork featuring traditional Islamic architecture. If constructed, the elliptical brick building will be erected on a raised hilltop site enveloped by roads on the northern edge of the city. It would be visible from "vantage points and become an "iconic and memorable" landmark.” Read more about the project below at SURFACES REPORTER (SR):


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brick-veilThe project was the winning entry of an international competition held by the Royal Institute of British Architects for a landmark religious building for the site, which would become "a proud element of Preston's skyscape".

The criteria set for it was to design a structure with a maximum of three storeys and it also contains a large prayer hall that could house about 250 prayer mats.

Elliptical Form

The building is shaped in elliptical form and has its extrusion at the southwestern end of the site. Further, the building features “an abstract and legible massing that is not only iconic and memorable but also highly kinetic.

"The building's elliptical form, in fact, is designed to be experienced by kinetic observers, allowing them to perceive and appreciate the structure from various dynamic vantage points,” he further added.

brick-mosqueFocal Point- Fascinating Brick Facade

The main center of attention of the project is its unique brick facade that features Mashrabiyas – windows covered by lattice screens, which is grounded in ancient Islamic architecture.

brick-veilThe brick minaret tower is another striking reference to the district's industrial heritage. It reflects the country’s traditional round cotton-mill chimneys.

Minarets are generally constructed near to or as a part of mosques, allowing devotees a space for an Islamic call to prayer.

A Ramp to Enter the Building

The mosque contains a ramp for visitors to enter the structure which is interlaced around the sloped site, allowing a slow passage away from the city.

Further, separate entrances for male and female devotees are designed on either side of the structure, directing them to their respective staircases and then prayer rooms.

The mosque also contains a dedicated lift so that people can easily access the building. This will be carefully concealed within the structure of the minaret tower.

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brick-veilMain Prayer Hall 

Located on the ground floor behind the main entrance, the main prayer hall will be lit by natural light seeped through thin openings around the structure’s circumference.

The other facilities include- a library and a multipurpose hall that is sited on the second floor and capped by a large skylight. 

No Superfluous Ornament in the Interiors

Although the details of the mosque’s interiors are yet to be revealed, the architect said it will be "devoid of superfluous ornament". He further said that the building’s composition will be revealed all around.

It will not only save cost but also "infuse this sacred building with an inherent honesty.”

The construction of the Brick Veil mosque will start as soon it gets permission in November 2021 from the authority. 

Project Details:

Architect: Luca Poian Forms
Team: Luca Poian, Mohammed Rahmany and Luciano Preci
Quantity Surveyor: Bristow Consulting
Structural Engineer: Price&Myers
Mechanical and Electrical Services: Skelly&Couch
Photo Credit: Filippo Bolognese Images.
Source: https://www.lucapoianforms.com/

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