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Comfortable Reading Spot
Do you love reading? At some point of your time, you must have felt the need of a comfy and cozy reading space. Whether it's about spending ten minutes or a few hours, building a reading space will help you to relax and focus more.

After a long day of work and studying, you might often choose reading as an escape. To make the moments worthwhile, a reading nook is very useful. 

It might sound overwhelming at first. But a few changes to your room can make a huge difference. The trick is about incorporating elements to your room that make you feel at ease. Continue reading this list curated for your by Surfaces Reporter (SR) to discover some tips and tricks that will help you achieve the perfect reading space. 

1) Find a quiet spot: Privacy is an important element when it comes to reading. Choose a space or a corner of your home that is entirely yours. It should be located away from the busiest areas of your house. You need to make sure that your space is free of interruptions. Add some photos to the walls so your mind can wander. Add small elements to the space that gives you good memories and energy. If you're a plant lover, set up your plants in the reading corner. Read and relax in the presence of nature. To make your reading experience more refreshing, play some healing soft music. Keep your electronics away from your reading corner to reduce distractions. 

Cozy and Comfortable Reading Spot

2) Introduce furniture: Choosing a particular furniture will provide you with a spot to relax. Whether it's a chair, bed, hammock or sofa, it's completely up to you. Add some tables for your late-night drink or morning coffee. Relaxing objects like a flower vase or small plants on the table will add to the ambience. If you prefer reading with someone else, make a room for two. Add two chairs or sofas and throw in some comfy pillows. Make sure to place cushions and blankets for comfortable seating. Otherwise, you will have to pause your reading and find ways to get comfortable. Make sure to declutter the rooms and remove unnecessary, distracting objects from sight. While choosing a chair, choose the ones which allow you to stretch out. For lofts or open spaces, use the hammock with some pillows. 

Cozy and Comfortable Reading Spot

3) Choose a hue of color:Color has the power to influence your emotions. Add a pop of color for some energy and vibrancy. A shot of green covers for the sofa or bold orange pillows will help to spice things up. For an elevated feel, add some textures using pillows and blankets. Some art with pops of color will be soothing to the eye. To make sure that the right ambience is created, choose non-distracting, neutral colors. Light colors are said to have a positive effect against stress and improve concentration. Blue gives beachy aesthetics which will keep you calm, green symbolizes nature and grey is a trendy choice of neutral color. 

Cozy and Comfortable Reading Spot

4) Find a good light spot: With the right amount of light pouring in from the windows, your chosen spot will feel comfier. Light up some lavender candles for a spa-like sensation. It will provide you with a stress-free environment. To add some personality to your corner, add a lamp. For dimly lit places, lamps are very useful. A good source of light will keep your eyes healthy and reduce eye stress. Big windows are great for light and view. Invest in some good lighting fixtures so you can adjust the intensity depending on the time of your day. 

Cozy and Comfortable Reading Spot

5) Change a room: If you have a room or corner that you don't use at all, change it into a reading corner. Utilize every space available in the house. Change your space into a reading and napping area where you can recharge after a long tiring day. Make the best out of everything, use chairs as side tables and hang a hammock in one corner. Change your closet into a built-in bedroom reading space. Throw some pillows and add lamps to your hideaway space. You can simply create a floor space using a mattress or rugs and pillows. It is both adult and kid-friendly. Use sheer curtains to make a canopy. Grab a flashlight and some pillows to sink in and start reading. 

Cozy and Comfortable Reading Spot

6) Add shelves: Build a storage space for your books. Built-in bookshelves are very trendy nowadays. These are perfect for small spaces and look minimal. If you're constantly worried about dust, go for closed shelves. These will protect your books from moisture and dust. If you have a wood bench, turn it into a built-in bookshelf. With some pillows and warm lighting, you will love spending your alone time. A bookshelf with a floor-to-ceiling feature is perfect to store your books, reading glasses, blankets, etc. 

Reading is fun and relaxing when you're sitting in the right space. Get inspired by these ideas and build a perfect reading nook for yourself. 


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