Ar Priyanka P Mehra

Principal Architect, P S Design


With over 14 Years of experience in the field, Priyanka Pradeep helms PS Design — bringing her unique vision, energy and work ethic to the organisation, combining her background as an architect with a design excellence approach to interiors.

Priyanka embodies a style of congruous natural and newfangled elements. For as long as she can remember, her passion has been for design. She knew she was destined to be a designer when she was a young girl constructing something or the other with Lego blocks.

Her inspiring designs reflect her approach — original and bold. Her creativity is fueled by her passion to learn new things and never follow any trends, both personally and professionally.

She feels a good design should be classically influenced yet contemporary in its intent. It is important to include an emotional element into the space that is being designed.

Always observant, she finds inspiration everywhere—from the varied colour of the blue sky to textures in city streets.

An avid traveller and an eternal student, Priyanka’s motivation to know more, see more, and create more is evident in her innumerable clients who expect only the best offer a glowing testament to her creativity.

    Firm P S Design
    Profession Architecture
    Awards 1) IIID’2012 Best in Retail Design Architects and Interiors India, 2) iGEN Top 50 Architects' 2017 3) Acetech Award for Excellence in Design’ 2017 4) FOID India, Excellence in Interior Design’ 2019 Architects and Interiors India,
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    Address Bungalow No. 18, AAram Nagar Part 2, J.P. Road, Versova, Andheri West
    City Mumbai