Janki Hakani

Principal Designer, EVEN Project Solutions


JANKI HAKANI is a graduate in interior design and business administration practices in the name of EVEN project solutions and also works as associate designer at Rust:The design studio. it is a very young practice. With just over four and half years since inception, they learn with every step that we take ahead. It began as a very modest interior design firm. The firm was founded straight after graduating which a very bold decision was taken. And extra efforts were taken to work as well as the established professionals in the field. They strongly believe that we should stick to their roots and strong culture with which they have been inherited. Despite of running behind creating different, they believes in making meaningful and relevant design which touches the lives of it’s end-users. We follow a rational approach towards design. The functionality and workability is to put forward and before anything else. They maintain a trusting and a close relationship between the designer and the client as well as the team executing our design for successful and smooth functioning of any project.

They always try to opt for “user-centric” approach. They strive for knowledge and exposure; be it from research and study done by oneself or from the local artisans, craft people and technicians. 

There is a constant search of exploring uncharted and striving beyond the conventional. An eagerness to learn reflects in her persona, as she always takes pride in embracing change. They follow a rational approach towards design. The functionality and workability is to put forward and before anything else. Problem solving and giving justice to space, materials and the overall design has always been our goal in design. she has strong belief that Design interventions cast a major impact on the user and its surrounding.

She has an expertise in furniture design as well. Each piece is crafted and customized to follow specification and design details. In recent years, her practice has been recognized at various regional and national forums through awards, publications and exhibitions.

    Firm EVEN Project Solutions
    Profession Interior Designing
    Awards Best display of the product : vibrant ceramic expo & summit (2018)
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    Address #45, The Emporia, kalawad road, Rajkot.
    City Rajkot