Harnoor Kaur Manchanda

Principal Designer, Art Space Design Studio


Harnoor Kaur Manchanda founded Art Space Design Studio in India after completing her Masters in Interior Design from Parsons School of Design, New York. She has worked in India, Thailand and the US. An expert in tactility, Harnoor specializes in fabrics and custom furniture. Art Space Design Studio, is a multi-disciplinary design studio that works on projects ranging from residences, retail, restaurants and even experiential installations. Collaboration is the essence of the studio. They work with various craftsmen to innovatively incorporate the rich heritage of India into their designs. From handcrafted furniture to hand-painted art, they love bringing in unique and sustainable local items into the client's space.

Harnoor believes in designing experiences rather than just bare environments by understanding usage and moulding her clients' dreams into visually and functionally pleasing spaces. According to her, all environments need to be curated in a way so that the most cherished memories can be made there.

Harnoor is also a co-founder of My Home Initiative, a non profit organisation providing online consultations to people stuck at home during pandemic. They help alleviate challenges like working from home, exercising at home, or feeling trapped, restless or lethargic without proposing new furniture pieces. It is mostly focused on re-adapting and refurbishing what people own already.

Harnoor has great knowledge about 'healthy' materials, basically materials that do not harm the human body or the environment. A great deal of human diseases are caused by the construction materials one uses, and this is something Harnoor tries to prevent through her grasp on materials. According to her, the process of designing interiors is a way she can transform spaces, communities and even the way people interact.

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