Ar Naina Vishnu Reddy

Founder, MakeSpace Architects


Ar Naina presently working in and actively taking up projects in Indore and Hyderabad, giving Urban Design, Architectural, and Interior Design solutions with an approach that is end-to-end and experimental. Each solution provided is a culmination of Research-based design. Understanding user needs, context, and materiality through a systematic process of conceptualization, schematic design and design development, they provide with most efficient, pure and experiential spaces.

The combination of boundless imagination and reaching uncharted territories propelled her towards the world of architecture but the possibility of comforting others livelihood kept her attached to this profession.

Architecture, according to her is the only professional field which can make dream of thousands come to reality using the canvas of an architect. The passion for people just as the passion for building and environment makes this field even more exciting for her. The world around us is changing with every blink of our eye and architects help in organizing that rapid change. 

Her introduction to architecture happened way before she started to look at it as a career choice, most of her teens went browsing through buildings which changed the course of this world not only the new construction but the ones with historical importance like Great Egyptian pyramids or Kailash temple in India, which made themselves possible leaping over all the statistical and scientific possibilities. 

Working across scales from detailed plans of contemporary housing to the mobility infrastructure of the regional metropolis  which further helped her in the positive transformation of urban areas, through a range of urban forces, trends and ideas. 
Her design research and study  focused on complex living-emerging trends in housing and urban lifestyles, Workspace Urbanity-which is intensive integration of work environments into the contemporary city Mobility and Integration-which explores the projects that best unlock the potential of new mobility infrastructure and Augmented Informality, which works with the dynamism of informal settlements to find new solutions for urban enhancement. The primary research was based in London and other European cities.

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