Shirish Beri

Founding Principal, Shirish Beri


Born in November 1950, Shirish Beri graduated in architecture from the School of Architecture (CEPT), Ahmedabad in Jan 1974. Instead of pursuing higher studies in the U.S he opted for living and working in the mountains near Kolhapur (with his father and brother's architectural firm in Kolhapur) from June 1974. He felt that after studying architecture for 6 years, it was necessary to uncondition oneself and unlearn rather than spend two years learning for a master’s degree abroad.

Ar. Shirish Beri's works tend to reflect his values and concerns in life have been bearing their distinct mark on modern Indian architecture. They strive to address his life concerns of a man moving further away from nature, from his fellow human beings and from his own self.

Through his work, Shirish Beri probes the multisensory and the immeasurable dimension of space while trying to evoke a reflective pause amidst today’s clutter and background noise. He feels that issues of sustainability can be aptly addressed only through the right attitudes and goals. His designs try to achieve an inherent sense of unity and harmony with various natural and man-made elements and forces. He has designed a number of campuses for national & regional level institutions for research, rehabilitation, health care, and education, along with various other types of buildings.

 He has been recognized with the Great Master's award for 26th JK AYA 2017, 'Architecture+Design & CERA Awards' 2014 - "The hall of fame award", Arcasia gold medal 2009-2010, 2017 and numerous more.

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