Vrunda Vilas Satarkar

Principal Designer, Intraa Design Studio


Vrunda always knew intuitively that she was a design person - always eager to create, experiment and never complacent about the outcomes. Her motto is never to do the same thing twice as far as possible, and surprisingly never to get stuck in a signature style of designing. She places her client at the centre of her design, firmly believing that when a client opens the door to a space designed by her, the client feels it is his/ her own and not the designer's. She is a doer at heart, her sense of color, her confidence to take up new things and do them herself, be it trying new materials or just picking up a brush and painting huge canvases for clients is what sets her apart. At Intraa, she drives the design process through client research, experimentation with materials, innovation and ultimately design development.

Intraa Design studio is a multi disciplinary design consultancy practice based in Pune. Studio work across many fields of design like Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Interior styling etc. The studio was established in 2014. Since then they have covered wide range of projects covering different disciplines.

    Firm Intraa Design Studio
    Profession Interior Designing
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    Address Outhouse, GaneshDeep Socirty, Law College Road, Erandwane
    City Pune