Divya Khullar Narayanan

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Divya Khullar, A keen interest in enumerable versions of the creative arts was fuelled at CEPT, Ahmedabad where she pursued B.Des from School of Interior Design, Design faculty. Her professional career began with Studio Lotus in New Delhi which incited out of the box experimental spacial designs. This learning was further evolved at Mancini Enterprises, Chennai under the guidance of Niels Schonfelder, through modest, sustainable use of materials and concepts that belong to land, its people and surroundings. The jump from the energetic, fast paced roads of Delhi to the calm, conservative lanes of Madras (Chennai) has been quite illuminating, further strengthening the idea of how context and the environment influences the people, their thoughts and aspirations.

Its quite a contrast and she take immense joy in merging these sensibilities picked up over the years to bring the best of both in her work. After about five years being in Chennai, herself and  her husband Ashwath (yet another CEPTian) decided to combine their skill sets and quite contrasting sensibilities and set up 1405 DESIGN STUDIO in 2016.

Divya strongly believe that good design is based on the recognition of a need and developing a distinctive solution with ones own individual authorship. Design is a solution to a need and most beautiful design is the one that is a result of a successful problem solving process; wherein aesthetics are logical and not a forced add on; wherein the form and the visual is derivative, not an after thought.

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    Awards IGen 2020- Top 50 list by Architect and Interiors India - Ashwath Narayanan (1405 DESIGN STUDIO). We believe that every object and space is a reflection of its environment, its people and the process; which tells a story in itself.
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