Swapna Neogi

Principal Designer, Red Brick Design Studio


Born in Zambia, Swapna Neogi, the deep rooted anchor of the firm, has over a decade and a half of experience in the field of Interior Design. After graduating from Kolkata, she has worked in numerous places including South Africa and brings to the firm a sense of true diversity and integrity. Her design sense exudes perfection and her personality wins over anyone that she works with making her a unique people-person.

Her attention to detail is her unique quality that has enabled her to complete many residential and hospitality projects across borders. Swapna’s love for plants keeps her busy when she is not being an Interior Designer and her quick resolution to home decor issues has made her popular amongst people. From the early days of graduation Swapna had an interest in anything to do with Art and Design. With an unrestricted freedom of expression she saw in Interior Design drew her into the design culture which keeps her engrossed yet. After her Diploma in Interior Design, she started working with the firm where she had interned. The firm employed morally hand-drafting and she became one of the first to incorporate computer aided design in her work in 2003. She then moved to South Africa with her father and was employed in an industry as their in-house designer and this exposed her to the workings of a paper mill and the intricacies of industrial interiors. When she finally returned to India in 2006, she started working in a Kolkata design firm where she continued for about 6 years. Internet and online inspiration wasn’t very rampant in those time.

One of the first clients was Gyani, a renowned interior product store. Hi-end Residential projects were her main area of expertise in Kolkata before moving to Mumbai in 2012. Mumbai opened up a lot of opportunities in genres like commercial, hospitality, offices and residential Interiors. She observed a drastic change in the design language and the culture in Mumbai from Kolkata. Mumbai being way more sober, streamlined in-terms of design compared to the bling in Kolkata. She continued to absorb the ideas of the maximum city with the background of in your face loudness of Kolkata. She learnt to be more practical and client centric in her approach to design in the 4 years in Mumbai. This diverse experience culminated in her own firm Red Brick Design Studio which she started with her husband in 2013. Owing to her cultural influences, the firm has a studio in the quaint town of Dharwad in Karnataka and also has an office in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. Since then she is consciously and continuously enriching herself with experience and embracing ideas like aesthetic is not the only aspect in design.

Swapna believes her firm offers the total package to people not only in-terms of professional services but also as an overall educative and cultural experience and interaction. People get way more than just an Interior design firm or a designer when they enlist her. Personal relationships are developed with the clients that last for a long time. Swapna deals with every project with an individualistic approach and does not actively push for a signature style. Sustainability in design comes to her naturally. She is inspired by the earthy and minimalist contemporary architecture of Vietnam and Singapore and aspires to make every space more liveable and fully entwined with nature. Swapna primarily works on Commercial, Residential and Hospitality Interior Architecture Projects through her firm Red Brick Design Studio and has projects in key cities across the country.

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