Rini Singhvi Gandhi

Founder & Principal Architect, The Brick Tales


The Brick tales is a young, intensely design-oriented architectural firm headed by principal architect Rini Singhvi, founded in 2017. They believe that form not only follows function but also fiction. It elevates architecture from mere construction to meaningful encounters. They trust that design is capable of telling stories; stories of people that live in it, stories of people that built it or may be ideas or prototypes of how one a space presents itself to its users.

The Brick tales, pursue in designing experiences for its users paying attention to the minutest details as tools to narrate these stories. They engage in building extremely user-oriented spaces that builds a direct relationship of the users to the spaces. They strive for simple, unpretentious and bold designs that speak to its users and do not age with time. Coherence and balance in design is the fundamental key they adhere to. Ar. Rini Singhvi, principal and founder of The Brick tales, has completed her undergraduate studies from CEPT University, Ahmedabad. She has been a part of international exchange program at CEPT and studied at ETH, Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich) in 2014. She has been awarded CEPT-Kohler Design Scholar for the year 2014. Developing a keen passion for details and meanings in architecture, she has done her research thesis on “Details as semiotic tools for critical reading of architectural narrations”

    Firm The Brick Tales
    Profession Architecture, Interior Designing
    Awards CEPT-Kohler Design Scholar for the Year- 2014
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    Address Ikigai Coworking Space, 5th Floor, Magnus Shopping Mall, Althan-Bhimrad Road
    City Surat