Ar Shamila Meeran

Partner- Principal Architect, F+S Designs


Architect Shamila Meeran have been fascinated by rhythm, colours and the varied forms in nature, since her childhood. This admiration for the arts led her to learn sketching, painting, sculpting and also photography.

It was a well thought out decision then, when she started her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from B.M.S College of Engineering, School of Architecture in Bangalore. The idea of creating a ‘livable piece of art’ became an obsession. After the course, her travels across the United States inspired her to sketch and paint a collection of buildings and landscapes that she experienced there.

To think that the art collection, years later, adorned the Living room of a client’s home that they had designed, inspires her to never stop doing what she love! She was fortunate to start her career with renowned architects like Anshul Chodha in Bangalore and Aamir and Hameeda in Hyderabad. She came to realise that design is a constantly evolving medium and to be able to design effectively; one has to constantly learn, re-learn and more importantly unlearn. After all, design is nothing but an expression of your thoughts. F+S Designs had a very humble beginning, years before it actually became a formal entity. Her current partner- Faisal  had collaborated on a small project in Bangalore around nine years ago, it was then that they realised that there could be synergies that can play well between them, and F+S Designs was founded five years post that.

Both of them belong to a different design dialogue, and hence, they bring forth a diverse set of ideas & experiences to the table. In the first year of our practice, they were commissioned to design a 16,000 SFT Corporate office for an Education Firm in Hyderabad. Post that, a chain of beautiful English Cafes followed in Bangalore and Hyderabad. These initial projects won us the IIID ‘Best Young Practice of the year Commendation for South India’. Today, F+S Designs is a multi-disciplinary practice between its two principals- Faisal Vohra and Shamila Meeran. Their Architectural and Interior design work ranges from premium Residential, Hospitality, Retail & Corporate spaces across various cities in India. They believe that every project is an invitation to embark on an unexpected and fascinating journey, a chance to tell an adventurous story full of soul; incorporating a mix of materials and influences. A story that portrays what the user finds comfort in, and one that touches lives.

Their projects have challenged them to adopt a variety of different approaches with each project, depending on client expectation, geographical location, site context, budget etc., to make it unique and outstanding. They dislike repeating any of their designs and keep away from it. The commonality that runs through all their work- Their love for open breathable and comfortable architecture and interior design, beautiful and integrated landscaping, and smart usage of wood, stone and other earthy materials. At the core of what they strive to do, is a belief that great design is a catalyst in enhancing the interactive experience of people with their surroundings. This drives them to constantly look for newer means and materials to provide the very best in design with a keen understanding of the cultures and communities we serve.

    Firm F+S Designs
    Profession Architecture
    Awards 1) IIID- Young Practice of the Year 2015- South India 2) Elle Décor and Design Divas- 1ST and 3rd position winners for ‘Best Restaurant Design’ 2017 3) TV5 Awards 2019- Innovative Concept in Green Buildings 4) Global Real Estate Congress- Telangana Most Promising Brand for Architecture and Interiors 2019 5) Trends Awards- Winner (Commendation) for the Sustainable Project of the Year 2019
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