Ar Neha Sapre

Principal Architect, Studio Taan


Studio Taan was started by Neha Sapre in 2017 after seven years of work in the architecture and interior design industry. She graduated from R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore in 2010, after which she joined Praxis Inc. where she worked till 2017. It was here that she developed her passion for interior design, being exposed to a variety of projects during her tenure there.

In late 2017 she ventured out to start her own design firm, starting off with a couple of high street cafes that she designed for a popular f&b chain. The firm grew through 2018 reaching a strength of 6 people who have worked together to deliver almost 20 projects till date.

The main principle her practice follows it to understand the aspirations of the client, the vision they have for the end product and work alongside them, bringing in her expertise and suggestions to steer the design in a direction that will add value to the client in his lifestyle or business. Each project is a collaboration between the clients, Studio Taan, consultants and vendors that are experts in their fields to deliver designs that are innovative, unique and timeless.

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