Ar Bhavya Kenkare opinion on WADe Asia

"WADe Asia is a great opportunity to make a difference! It opens up avenues for creating awareness. Its an amazing courageous forum for bringing women from the field of art, architecture; design and related mediums together and give voice and expression to their work and themselves personally too. Great show WADe Asia 2018 Vertica Dvivedi, Madhurima, Neha and the entire team."

Architect  Bhavya Kenkare, Co-Founder, Arch Aid on Women in Architecture and Design at WADe Asia. Bhavya Kenkare was one of the special delegates at WADe Asia 2018.

WADe Asia is Asia's largest platform for celebrating Women-led Development in Architecture, Art & Design! Wade event is about documenting the progress of women in Design. It also provides a common ground for women in artistic pursuits to meet, network, learn and share.

Block the dates- WADe Asia 2019 is happening in New Delhi from 11-12 October 2019. Book your tickets for Delhi to ensure you do not miss it!!!


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